Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Power of Belief

The Power of Belief

Cricket. What a game it is. Full of surprises. Very unpredictable. But there was someone who predicted something and stuck to his belief. It was me.
After reading the book, ‘The Secret’, everything has started changing for me. And it was not destiny. Because I am making my own destiny.

Ask, Believe and Receive.

Though there are series of events. But I want to share; this one which is the most special one. My childhood friend and a colleague asked me to book a cricket stadium as it was near my home. I was in a joking mood and said that I want to open the innings for my team. He took it lightly and asked to confirm the booking. I booked the stadium. On Saturday, a day before the match, the captain of the team came to have a look of the ground. I asked that if he will send me as an opener, I would make 100 runs for the team. He said nothing to me and just smiled. The next day, the captain won the toss and elected to bat. I asked him to open the innings. Surprisingly, he agreed. It was a 25 overs match. I was playing after 15 years. The last tiem I played was in 1995 in a Double wicket tournament which we won. In the 15th over, I completed my half century ie. 50 runs. My team was happy with my performance as our team score crossed 100 runs. I just believed that my work is still unfinished as I had to make a century. I was tired but I kept motivating myself. Since, only 10 overs (60 balls) were remaining and I still had to make 50 runs. The job was half done. I told myself to make runs at faster pace. On every ball I spoke to myself that I have to hit a boundary and boundaries started coming in. I asked my team mates my personal score. I had made 90 runs by then and only 10 balls were remaining. I hit a six on the very next ball and a four on the successive ball. I made a century and what a century it was. All my team mates came running towards me. I just loved their passion while running towards me. I would never forget that moment in my entire life. In the next over, I made 14 runs which included a six and a four making 114 runs not out in just 55 balls. I hit 14 fours and 2 sixes. It was the fastest century ever made by me. At 33 years of age playing after 15 years and hitting the fastest century of my life was possible only because I believed in myself that I would make a century (100runs).
Our team score was 207 in 25 overs and we won the match by 40 runs.

Aryan Neeraaj Anand

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