Friday, May 30, 2014

Money Affirmations

I love money. Money flows easily into my life.

I attract money naturally. My middle name is money.

I realise that money is essential for leading a good life but that I should not make it the number one priority of life.

The Universe is the constant supplier of money for me and I always have enough money to fulfill my needs.

Whatever activities I perform make money for me and I am always full of money.

My bank balance is increasing everyday and I always have enough money for myself.

Money and I are friends and our friendship will never fall apart.

I am a money magnet towards whom money is constantly attracted.

Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money.

Money is an integral part of my life and is never away from me.

I am debt free as money is constantly flowing into my life.

My money consciousness is always increasing and keeping me surrounded by money.

As always, feel free to combine two or more affirmations and repeat them preferably in front of a mirror. Use these affirmations to attract money and become wealthy.

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