Twin Flames… (Trust)
This stage is born out of full faith and trust in the Divine. One or both souls re-open the channels for Divine intervention and succumb to it. It is also usually led by the realization that the present situation isn’t working and there is a need for a higher power to assist the process.
Divine protection is given freedom to guide the Union to the point where both can be re-united with healed bodies. One or both Twins accept their original life plans and allow to be guided in that direction. They also believe that all will occur for the best according to Divine time.
There is no pressure on either one of the souls during this stage. The runner is allowed to complete his/her digressed path, before the return to the destined one. There is no insecurity or anger between the two and the effects of the healed bodies and time apart begin to show. The frequency shared now is of compassion and acceptance. If this is not the case, it means that the Surrender from both or either is not complete.

The surrendered Twin waits for the other, while continuing on its path of illumination. This may lead this Twin to veer towards a Creative or Spiritual Profession. The attitude with which the surrendered Twin operates is that of service and selflessness. The purpose of this stage is to help both Twins develop ultimate trust and acceptance in the Divine plan.
The ego subsides and gives rise to the Divine energy in both Twins. It is the stage of complete spiritual awakening. There is acceptance of one another, a possible physical union in terms of a marriage or partnership in any form can manifest, depending on what the soul has chosen. The love assumes greater proportions and exceeds the standards of worldly, romantic love

The surrendered Twin’s mental, emotional and spiritual’s bodies reach full realization and creative or healing abilities are put into practice, assisting others. The vibrations of the Union rise and are now geared to embark on the joint mission of helping humanity, moving their awareness away from self to the whole.
This is the stage in which both awakened souls unite in the physical form, combining their higher energies to re-create the third energy in a subtler form.There is mutual agreement on the mission that both are to complete together. Hence, via this, the unified Twins help open other people’s heart chakras, showing them the way to Unconditional Love

The sole objective of this stage is for the ultimate culmination of the souls in harmony to finally act on the true purpose, and fulfill the intended mission. The Harmony stage also requires complete realization and union of all the bodies of both twins… physical, etheric, spiritual, mental and emotional. This gives complete rise to the Union’s capabilities.
Do note that sometimes depending on the will, some Twin sets may decide not to come together, but yet continue working on their own individual spiritual paths and assisting the planet. But at this point one must consider why this is… Is it the destined soul plan or is it the ego, yet again, creating a hurdle in their path?
It’s also vital to reiterate here that the birth of a Twin Soul is a highly strategized and well-planned event. All the details right down to location, family, religion, race, name etc. No detail is left unattended. Such is the purpose.

The involvement rate of Twin Souls, trapped in highly complicated and limiting Belief Systems, is much faster than that of other Twin Souls. The reason for this is the fact that to be able to overcome such pressure and follow the call of your inner souls, takes immense faith and belief in self. The hindrance of a Belief System has the potential to catapult a Twin Soul to such a degree of Belief in Soul that it can instantly leave behind all ego and old learning, to rise above the challenges and be free like no other. The only obstacle in meeting your Twin in such a case therefore is your own personal belief system and thinking process