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Karmic connection

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You could meet him or her, your Other Half, your Divine Counterpart, your ultimate mirror. Only your heart can tell. And the heart is ecstatic, just like True Love. Twin Flame love is the highest possible form of love and it provides you with all the tools for your personal development. It is a kind of love that is both unsettling and all-embracing at the same time.
Twin Flames are ‘Universal’ female and ‘Universal’ male souls. Confluence of these energies generates extremely strong magnetic and spiritual harmony. The Universal Twin Flame love energy flows tangibly in every vein, they are each other’s ultimate mirror. Universal destiny drives them to unite. The Higher Conscience reconnects them over and over again.
The Twin Flame love flame causes vibrations that allow you to experience being One together. They are the energy released by the unification of each individual’s inner polarities. Creating and Manifesting. The love vibration between Twin Flames provides a boost for mankind; a boost that will be visible and tangible. It is time to awake. It is time for the new Golden Earth.
After meeting your Twin you will awake spiritually and you will learn to love unconditionally. You may come to face inexplicable ailments or physical changes, such as an accelerated or irregular heartbeat. And your clairsentience, claircognizance and clairvoyance abilities may develop rapidly.
Moreover, you may often experience extreme and at times upsetting mood changes, ranging from complete confidence and inner knowing to distrust and doubt. One minute you are absolutely sure, the other all faith has gone!
Twin Flame love is not something that can be comprehended with ‘normal intelligence’, it reaches far beyond any kind of ‘regular’ love and it simply comes over you. It is strengthened and guided by the Universe, you have no choice; you will have to deal with it. So, no matter how tempting it may sound at times: do not fight it. Receive this intense love and embrace it with a thousand arms. Keep believing in it. Even when you feel like you are embarking on an emotional roller coaster. All has been decided prior to your incarnating here. Know that you are supposed to build something together, have faith in the promise of reunion and remember that you are dealing with the most intense, highest achievable kind of love that only few of us are allowed to experience. Just remember that you are allowed to accept that Twin Flame hearts are the tools of Love, and only the Ego can make you believe that you are not One. The mind is the Ego’s tool.
Twin Flame love offers ultimate and optimal personal development, and it is your heart’s path towards transformation and releasing the Ego. It is an intense experience, it feels undeniably deep and regularly renders you stuck in your emotional world. This comes with misunderstanding, disruption, denial, distance and repelling behaviour. To your environment you seem enigmatic, people around you cannot comprehend why you have ‘suddenly changed so much’. However, a soul love as deep and intense as this cannot be described with our deficient Earthly vocabulary, and can be incredibly difficult to carry. It touches the core of your soul.
Remember that the subject at first seemed totally unrealistic and exaggerated to me too. But editing stories for a book on Soul Love affected me greatly. The stories I had to edit were written by people who had met their Twin Flame and they made me wonder: Were these meetings predestined and could my own ‘wonderful man’ be my Twin Flame? I continued looking into it because it all seemed very theoretical to me, yet I felt the same. I wanted an explanation! And so do you, probably, as you are struggling through all these texts in search of some grip and recognition.
After meeting your Twin you can feel hopelessly lonely and not being understood at all. Everything regarding ‘normal’ love you believed in is suddenly overthrown. Love as you knew it from romantic movies and books needs new insights. You cannot associate yourself with that love any longer, and you are no longer able to move on as an individual. You and your Twin are One: a unity, two flames of the fire of life. You are so close, you are One. Forever the perfect ‘double strength’ of life. You have been ‘renewed’, for every single minute to come, forever. And this is hard, to say the least.
You are expected to learn to love unconditionally. Unconditional love is the kind of love you experience when you have children. The secret to loving unconditionally is to ignore the ‘if’: you say ‘I love you.’, instead of ‘I love you, if.. you do this or that’. Twin Flame love goes beyond that, because pure love gives without expecting anything in return.
We are right in the middle of the Age of Aquarius. In every NOW new meetings and recognitions emerge from the Light and Love. To create love, to expand love. When you experience the truth of your heart, it is beyond doubt that you are half of a Twin Flame couple or that you may meet him or her, that another person exists with you, every single heartbeat. It is written in your heart, and it exists deeply within your being, far away from any words or concepts.
Twin Flames are the light workers in the rhythm at the High Heart level. They are united to make the cosmic energy dance once again, and they burn within the hearts of mankind. Know that reunion will occur. The only reason why the outer world denies this, is because they are listening at the wrong frequency. They are listening at the frequency of seperation and duality.
Are you having doubts of your own? Ask your heart, and listen. Silence your mind, and feel your heart presenting you with the answer. When you are making up answers, thinking them, you are not in the right place. When you feel the answers, you are.
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” ~ Nietzsche
During your journey towards your Twin Flame/kindred soul, you may get lost in doubt. However, your ‘spirit guides’ always present to confirm again and again that you are on the right track, that you are not crazy. You may experience situations that cannot simply be coincidental. I for one was confronted time after time with fire-engines, until it ‘drove me mad’. There are many synchronicities connected to Twin Flame love, from constantly running into their name to intuitive paintings that seem to pass on messages.
Twin Flames are rising, whirling and pulsating symbolisms of life.
In the beginning, we had a perfect connection and were perfectly attuned to each other. And slowly yet steadily we are returning to this wonderful state of unity.

Physical attraction

“Sometimes when we meet certain people the chemistry is so strong that both people are transformed” ~ Priya Sher
When you truly are Twin Flames, your entire body knows. It is infused with this knowing. You may experience a fountain of light when your bodies merge: the mental body is imbued with this ecstatic energy. Twin Flames are strongly attracted towards each other: you are left with no choice but to merge. This merge is nothing but the merging of your souls, connecting through your bodies. It is a confluence of energy, of forces, attracting each other through the genitalia.
Sexuality among Twin Flames is very primal, raw, and at the same time highly spiritual and therefore ‘divine’. When making love you act completely instinctively: there is complete surrender. You feel each other perfectly, and the rhythm of your sacred hearts beat equally. Every sense of barrier, blockage or shame is gone. Because of this physical merging there is no need for words, as words would only wrong this intense experience. So this is a sexual, sacred merge you never experienced before.
When you merge, in love and in full acceptance, you may also experience staring into each other’s eyes until everything around you seems to fade. This is a form of osmosis, in which energy is transferred from one to the other, and vice versa. This is why, at first, you communicate through the eyes, and not through other body parts. The eyes are the windows to the soul.
Twin Flames are One, and have always been One, but when they merge physically they ‘re-become’ One. This may cause losing track of who is who. Individuality ceases to exist: you are one with your Twin, and you feel this unity.

The ‘Honeymoon phase’

After the very first (physical) ‘reunion’, a short silence between the Twin Flames follows. This is often meant as a preparation for the ‘honeymoon-phase’: the phase of extreme amorousness, fully and completely getting lost in each other, discovering each other physically (sexually). The honeymoon-phase is an intense, torrid period in which one completely surrenders to the other, because they feel like they have ‘come home’. As half of a Twin Flame couple, deep inside you know ‘I finally found him or her.” However, you do not completely understand what has truly happened to you.
Unfortunately, for each of the Twins - and even more so for the one who is aware of the connection - the honeymoon-phase lasts far too short: the ‘new rendez-vous’ lasts roughly between two and six months. After this period, the first cracks start to show, and the Twin Flame couple enter into a period of attracting and repelling: a phase that may last for months, if not years.

Attracting and repelling

During the phase of attracting and repelling you will often have to deal with feelings that are similar to being homesick or being amputated, and you cannot understand why the love between you seems to have ‘ended’ so suddenly. An ‘ending’ is, of course, a creation of the mind, because the mind constantly tries to find ‘reasons and explanations’. You simply cannot explain with your reasoning mind. And that is, certainly, perfectly human. However, it will not work. And that is the complete and utter truth, because Twins are energetically one, at the soul level.
Thinking you are hurt by your Twin may cause the well-known attracting and repelling behaviour, also known as ‘runner and chaser’ dynamics. We were programmed to go through this phase of ‘running and chasing’, and of course it does serve a purpose. But some day, at the perfect Universal moment, the phase of attracting and repelling will stop. After this, if set down in your blueprint, you will enter into a seperation period. If the seperation period indeed follows the attracting and repelling phase, it means you were not ready to commit to a relationship on a human level yet: and so a ‘journey inwards’ is an absolute necessity.
Before incarnating on earth, the two of you agreed on what paths to follow. This often causes misunderstanding, tension and confusion. Focus on your strengths and observe intuitively. It is a fallacy to think of your Twin as someone who could hurt you. Try to look at the incomplete, unhealed parts in yourself. Those are your main lessons! The process of integration needs time. Be open, undergo, experience.
Many Twin Flames think it is the other, or the connection itself, that causes so much pain, but they fail to realise that it’s themselves. So, when you attract each other, and then repel him or her, you experience over and over again how ‘conditional’ love exposes your incomplete, unhealed parts. Even if you do not see much or anything at all of each other in this phase.
In order to eventually achieve unity (at a physical level), the awakening of both male and female consciousness and your own wholeness are necessary. Deep down within you, everything is connected to emotional pain, to feeling unloved or unaccepted. But now you are presented with a chance to heal. And in addition you ‘learn’ how to function separately from your Twin, to feel just as good and whole by yourself as you do with him or her. When you are capable of cherishing your Twin on a basis of joy, of loving him or her unconditionally and of allowing him or her to walk his or her own path, you have gained another Universal diploma.
Never forget the energetic exchange on that very first moment, the very first time you looked him or her in the eyes. The moment you felt yourself coming home. Your mind cannot rationalise that out of existence. Stay in your own energy. It is hard enough to remain standing in the first place: a lot is expected from you. You are to renew your view on love, and you are expected to show this love. You will be left with many question marks, but turn these question marks into exclamation marks. In short: keep having faith, and surrender. You can’t influence the process, or your Twin.
You are free to lift the veil of illusion and separation because you are always one with your Twin Flame. The soul connection is the actual truth to this bond.

Seperation period

After the phase of attracting and repelling, you’ll sense a growing distance between the two of you, and you’ll feel that you seem to have ‘lost’ each other (either physically or energetically). This seperation period is meant to balance and ‘centre-point’ each other’s polarities. You know who your other half is, you have had the opportunity to sense him (or her) and you see right through him or her. Make sure you stay true to yourself in this period, and always remember you are One: one split soul divided over two different bodies. Should we have been together with our Twin Flame from day one, we would not have been able to look inside ourselves this deeply, to find our own being, our soul, our own consciousness. This temporary separation is necessary, because only then will we be able to reunite with our True Beloved. The souls are already intertwined, and connect from pure love.
In this seperation, or ‘silent’ period, you have to make sure that love for yourself dominates, or, if not, you will have to work on that. This could be the way to Self Love and self-respect. We have been programmed to develop as individuals during this temporary separation.
Transformation occurs separately, so that all can be clarified and united. Remember, you are never cut off from your Twin. Remember, your individuality will serve a purpose, and was never the core of this love. Remember, you are meant to reunite, if this was set down in your blueprint.
The Ego of your True Beloved is not stronger than the will of the cosmos. Or, differently phrased; the will of the Ego is not stronger than the will of the soul! The soul desires love and harmony. If you had been ready for each other now, you would have already been together. So, there are still parts and pieces that need to be healed.
No, you will not lose each other: you are one, a unity of 2. Your connection will never end, it is constant. You are dealing with a sacred contract, a sacred marriage, it has been prenatally decided for you to meet your Twin in this incarnation. Complaints can be turned in triplicate at the gates of heaven. But, due to your True Beloved, you will commit to a most wonderful relationship with yourself!
Due to your (limited) ‘free choice’, not a single psychic or medium will be able to tell you when you will reunite. This depends on you, and your True Beloved, and on your inward journey. You are allowed to commit to your soul path (for now), just as your soul love is to his or hers. My spiritual guides tell me it’s the journey that counts, not the result. The most important lessons are learned throughout your journey; they make you develop, and development hurts. Should you know when exactly you were to reunite with your Twin, you would lean back, sit, and wait until this moment arrived. But then, you simply would not develop. And so, we are allowed to abandon all our social conditionings and expectations, and the urge to know how it will ‘end’, because we would stand in our own way of what there is yet to be opened within our souls.
All these difficulties are in fact testing our determination. Return to the connection at a soul level. In doing so you will reach a higher state of 5D Soul Connection, 5D vibration: the preparation for your personal development and experiencing unity with your Twin and your soul family.
Twin Flames will reunite fully when pure love is mutually reflected. Only then will they unite, by mutual love. They must be open from the heart to be able to love, without blocking or denying.
Transformation in your consciousness will occur when this infinite love is connected to the heart and when lower instincts are overcome.
Transformation is a long and slow process, especially to ‘witnesses’, no matter how close they are.
So waiting until transformation has finally been accomplished would not be a clever thing to do. Besides, waiting is a way of affecting; it tends to slow down the process of transformation. The activity of waiting means you are not simply present in the Now; you actively want something to happen Now, something that Now can’t provide. Trust me, this will not work! Patience and faith are the key words here!
The Twin Flame journey really is all about constant surrender to the Now, about constantly being in contact to the vision and emotions within on what is developing and what will be in this life. Everything unfolds in perfection; it is our perception that wants us to see things differently.

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