Monday, May 4, 2015

Parallel Universe

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We all live in a parallel universe where we live multiple lives at the same time. We are our own angels and ghosts. We are guided by angels who we are ourselves. We are frightened by ghosts which we are ourselves. We become something because we had already become that person in another dimension before.
Its like when we met a new person our feelings tell us that this person is going to be great person in our life because we had already met that person in another dimension.
When we are sad then we get dreams which make us lighter because in another dimension we ourselves make these dreams and Deliver it to ourselves.
We get interested in only thise jobs which we had done before in another parallel world.
Parallel universe is a great reality but human conscious mind wants logic and thats why refuses this concept but when one comes to sub conscious level then this reality becomes the only reality we know.
We marry the girl which we had dreamed already. We are waiting for some love since we are born because we already have lived that life. Time and space are just nothing. Time and space is a manufacture of mind that is conscious mind.
When one goes beyond time and space then only one can understand that we all had lived the lives which is going to be in future and we act based on those hunches or premonitions.
Mind is revolving in MAYA. Maya is nothing. When one puts the mind in dust bin then only one can understand the power of sub conscious mind.

We are what we feel from the future. Our future guides us to do things in present to achieve those things which are already there in future. We just follow the path from our presence in future. That's the reason we should always remain in present moment because then only our future will be able to be connected to us.
 Our present moment does make us but its our future which compels the present to move towards the future. Its not God who help us but we ourselves who help ourselves by living in parallel dimensions.
We all are same. We are one energy fragmented in multiple energies from one source energy which we all call as God.
We are God in this parallel universe.

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