Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fantastic Relationship

Visualize your fantastic relationship and it will come to pass!

Visualization is an excellent tool to bring to reality your goals and dreams. Here are 10 tips to maximize your effectiveness when using visualization to attract a relationship to you.

1. Be Consistent

Occasional visualization is much less effective than consistent, daily visualization. Even a few minutes each day is enough time to be effective if done consistently.

2. Inject Emotion

Feel the emotions that you would have if you had found the love of your life. Would you feel peace, security, all tingly, excited, joyful? Whatever feelings you associate with being in a loving relationship, mix those sensations into the time you spend visualizing.

3. Focus On What You Want

Be sure to always see what you want and not what you don't want. Keep yourself positive. While visualizing, you'll often have a big smile on your face if you are really focused on the picture you desire, and are enjoying the experience of seeing it in your mind.

4. Integrate All Your Senses Into Your Visualization
Get really detailed. Imagine traveling to a place you've always wanted to go, and exploring the region with your partner. See yourself eating the food of that area. What does it taste like? What are the smells surrounding you? What sounds to you hear? If you are on a beach, feel the sand between your toes as you watch a sunset together.

5. Create A Vision Board, Collage, Or Dream Notebook

Cut out pictures of couples doing things together or embracing,kissing, and holding hands. Look at these images every day for a few minutes. You can also have a picture of a couple pasted on your bathroom mirror, on your desk or any other place where you will see it frequently throughout the day.

6. Place Hearts, Sculptures, Art, or Symbols Of Love Throughout Your Home

Have fun decorating your home with items that represent love to you. Each time your eyes rest upon of these items, you will be reminded of your goal to attract a relationship to you.

7. Reorganize Your Bedroom

Make sure you have some space for your future partner by having an empty drawer for his or her clothes, and visualize those clothes in those spaces. Create room for your new love to place a few things on the nightstand or dresser. You may even want to hire with a Feng Shui consultant to ensure your home and bedroom are organizated to attract love.

8. Be Happy For Others When They Find Love

Congratulate friends when they find a person they love. Enjoy weddingsand anniversaries. Visualize yourself being congratulated and celebrated when you are coupled as well.

9. Be Patient

What you want, wants you. But you must be truly available and open to new love. Be sure you are ready for a relationship. Clear out conflicts in your mind, blocks, and busyness that sabotage your readiness for a relationship. Then be persistent in your efforts at visualization and other tools and activities you might be engaged in to find a relationship.

10. Have Faith

Finding the love of your life cannot be rushed. Desperation and a feeling of urgency rarely assists you in achieving your goal. Relax, go have some fun and believe it is possible for you.

Visualization can be a fun and enjoyable tool to practice when you desire to attract a relationship to you. Get creative and try many variations of visualization to prevent boredom and instead create excitement. Soon your vision will be a reality!

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