Monday, September 24, 2018

How to book Jeet Lo Marathon show through

Its very easy to book shows in PVR cinemas.

Step 1: login (subsidiary of PVR cinemas)

Step 2: Choose Location eg: Noida

Step 3: Click Create Screenings

Step 4: Which movie do you want to watch search eg: Play This / Jeet Lo Marathon

Step 5: Select date from calendar.  enter - Continue

Step 6: Choose the cinema hall and show timings eg: PVR Logix Play          House 

Book all the minimum tickets suppose 20 minimum tickets are needed

Step 7: Pay 

Step 8: You will get the tickets online on your email ID

Please go through the site.

Offer: 50% of the revenue of the show/s booked by you received by Soulandhearts film from PVR cinemas.
or see the detail in this blog  


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