Sunday, February 14, 2010

Choose Your SOULMATE

There are three main reasons why a man is attracted to a woman and vice-versa:
1. Physical attraction
2. Mental compatibility or Heart perversion or Intimacy
3. Soul attraction

These attractions occur when you meet a person FACE TO FACE. One can also be attracted to a photograph of an individual. Now the question arises why you get attracted to a certain person.
Every person carries an energy level around their bodies which is known as AURA.


But sometimes opposites attract. Such attractions are mainly physical one. An example: when you see a celebrity picture, you are physically attracted to her body, her breasts and her private parts and vice versa for females. The same thing occurs when you meet such a person face to face. If you are a man and you are attracted to a woman then there will an erection in penis and when a woman is physically attracted to a man then her nipples will tighten and she will feel a sensation in clitoris. Any relations resulting from physical attraction lasts for very short period. Once the lust is over, the relation is over. An example: When a man seduces a prostitute or a college girl is seduced by a teacher or a senior in a car or hostel room.

Mental attraction is what we call compatibility. A lot of youngsters want compatibility in relationships. So what does compatibility means? It means nothing but a liking towards one another based on mental calculations or a liking based on friendship resulting to an adjustment of two hearts and minds. When two persons feel that their likings are similar. Like both enjoy similar hobbies or interests, they say they are compatible. The word compatible states that two persons are having the same frequency and their physical and mental chemistry is good. These kind of relationships are based on give and take principle. An example: A couple has an understanding that the female will be on top of male or vice-versa, while achieving the orgasm or physical pleasure. The term of relationship is longer and may result in marriage. Here, both of them are so much concerned about ejection of sperms or ova to reach the ultimate pleasure. But each time they reach the top, they end up at the bottom. Again on another night they try to reach the summit but end up in the valley. There is no eternal satisfaction. A woman after sometimes felt bored as she cannot achieve multiple orgasms because the male is busy satisfying himself ejecting as soon as possible. Hence, both male and female began to search another person believing that the opposite is not a perfect match. That’s why there are so many divorces and marriage break ups. And even those who can’t divorce due to social or monetary obligations became unfaithful by indulging in another relationship.

So what is the solution to this problem? Actually, it’s not a problem. It’s just a chapter which is not added in the course of one’s life.

Soulful relations are the eternal in nature. When a man is attracted soulfully towards a woman or vice-versa then a message from inner sub-conscious will be sent to the conscious brain. One will feel happy and all the pours of your skin will open resulting in trembling of your body. This would be a natural process. Your move will not be a result of responses of your brain or heart but it will be stimuli or automatic reaction. When your body shakes then all pours of skin opens and your body is ready to accept the other body. But people react negatively to that situation as they are scared of themselves. It actually gives you the indication that you are ready for the sex. Making love to the opposite with a shaking body is great experience. When two individuals with soulful attractions meet, there is no hurry for sex. They rather lengthen the whole love making process starting with kissing, touching breast / prostate (nipple orgasm), rubbing clitoris/penis (Clitoris orgasm), swallowing penis/sucking vulva and finally vaginal penetration hitting g-spot (vaginal orgasm). Since woman takes longer time to activate initially but once she gets going, she can achieve multiple orgasms. Similarly, a man can also get multiple orgasms. During multiple orgasms, a stage is reached when two bodies become one. A man will not be a man and a woman will not a woman, rather they become one. There will be timelessness feeling and one’s body will have self control. Generally, such phase comes for a very shorter period say 1-2 seconds. But through practice, the time could be increased to 2-3 hours and when you will reach that stage you will meet god there. It’s when you’re your half soul along with half soul of your partner will mate to unite with the heavenly soul of the universe i.e. GOD.

So now you have the choice.

Choose your partner, choose your SOULMATE….

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