Thursday, September 1, 2011

Conditioning of Women Mind

A girl unconsciously get her mind conditioned as her mother because every child spends maximum time with her mother. So a girl child also gathers much from what her mother has given or told her. This mother has lived a life where she had only anger, frustration and slavery as man had control over her. This same thing is being passed over to her daughter where she reacts the same way when she meets a man. So women get rid of the conditioning that your mom has sub consciously given to you. You have accepted it unconsciously. The way to get rid of it is to become conscious of it. It is a good beginning that you have asked. This is the beginning of consciousness-just the very ABC. You have to go far to change your mind completely, to be fresh, unconditioned, open and vulnerable.

And because of this conditioning you have been playing this ugly game, that whenever a man comes close to you with his love, you run away, which naturally encourages him to chase you. That you enjoy, that he is chasing you. Every woman enjoys that. It is ugly, and you are not aware of its deeper implications. It means you are the prey; the man is the hunter and he is chasing game. You are allowing supremacy to the man, unknowingly. It has been traditionally given to you that the initiative in love should be taken by men, not women; it is against a woman's grace. Those are all rotten ideas-why be number two from the beginning? If you love a man, why wait? I know many women who have waited for years because they wanted the man to take initiative. But they fallen in love with such men who were not going to take the initiative.

There is really no reason for the women to wait for the men to take the initiative. If a woman feels love for someone, she should take the initiative and she should not feel humiliated if the man is not willing. this will give them equality. these are small things that will make the liberation of women possible.

But the women has been always trying yo be "game". She attracts the man, she tries in every way to attract him by her beauty, by her clothes, her perfume, her hairdo-all that she can manage. She attracts the man, and once the man is attracted she starts running away. But she does not run too fast, either. She goes on looking back, to see whether that fellow is coming or not. If he is left far behind, she waits. When he comes close again she starts running.

This is stupid; love should be a clean affair. You love someone, you express your love and tell the other person, "You are not obliged to say yes; your no will be perfectly respected. It is just my desire. Yu need not unwillingly say yes to me, because that yes is dangerous unless you also feel love for me. Only then can our life become a completion."

A woman and a man in love can move into meditation very easily,.. meditation and love are such clsoe phenomenon that if you really fall in love with someone who loves you, your meditatiive energies start growing; they are very deeply joined experiences. Hence, i favor of both.

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