Monday, September 5, 2011


LOVE comes from the hindi word "lobh" which means greed.


But they fool themselves because they are asking for love in return. A boy cries in front of girl for love and girl feels miserable for the boy accepts him. One beggar accepting the other beggar for a life partner. But what happens, everything gets screwed and love runs from back door and only sadness prevails. Love has always been misunderstood. Love is taken granted as being one's sole right from the other person. One loves other to receive love in exchange of love. Its a kind of bargain. Parents love their kids so that they can provide them support when they are old. See it is bargain. Everybody wants to possess the other person. They want to keep the feeling in tact by force or cultural rituals like marriage.
In our country parents fool their kids by prisoning them in a institution called marriage. Arrange marriages are such stupid acts. But so called love marriages are also mistakes made by two adults. Without knowing their soulmates they enter marriage and after 3 years curse them for their foolish act. And then they search soulmates in other women. Some are more miserable who search love in brothels or other woman. They are always searching till their last breath. They say that soulmates are in stories. Because they want to satisfy their ego that they are on right path.
In my view everyone should give a try finding a true soulmate. In one's lifetime, one will surely get in touch with his or her soulmate but they fail to recognize him or her. The waiting is the only thing one should do. Take your time, feel from heart and ask your soul whether this person is my soulmate if not move on. But don't apply your brain. Because brain will tell you all things except love. Love is task of heart and soul not brain. But what a pity nowadays people apply brains in finding their soulmate and make their life hell.
I regularly watch "Emotional Atayachar", and feel pity for them who goes to EA team for loyalty test. Because I feel that these persons make bigger mistakes instead of those who cheat them. They don't trust their lovemates and go for surveillance of other person. With love every person also wants freedom. Freedom and love takes a toll to stay together. People fail to understand that true love is just giving and giving without any kind of expectation. Being happy in love is what soul wants. Love is spiritual not physical. No matter how much you mate biologically but what matters is mating of souls. The more freedom you give to your mate the more chances of getting her/him as soulmate. Two persons in love can free themselves from birth cycle which makes them immortal -"A true soul of god". Pure love leads one to mediation and through meditation you get salvation.

"Man is meditation and women is love, together they make Love as Meditation."- OSHO





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