Thursday, August 9, 2012


I have been so blinded by my passion the last 5 years that I almost forgot my passion. Do you ever stop to ask yourself what you truly love to do? Do you ever think to yourself, “Am I really serving my purpose here on earth?”
Take me for a moment. I’ve been so laser focused to get my VOICE out to the world that I forgot to share my Voice. I forgot that I have this undeniable passion for writing. I love to share my thoughts, feelings,  experiences, and passions with you. I mean, How could I be so blind?
Here I am day in and day out trying to figure out systems and strategies to get my voice out there, and I forgot the most powerful tool of all, The Pen!
(well, the computer nowadays).
Well, I’ve got something to say damn it, and so do you! Haven’t you ever felt like you’ve been cooped up for too long. But the truth is; no one is stopping you, no one is preventing you from standing up and sharing your voice, no one is keeping you down and telling you ‘you can’t do it,’ EXCEPT the little voice in your head that teases you, instills self doubt, and creeps up at the most inopportune times.
What if that little voice disappeared? What if you woke up one day and that little voice was overshadowed by an even bigger voice. A voice that will stand at the top of the mountain top  and will scream till the sun sets upon us. A voice that will speak in the face of danger and will keep  each and everyone of us safe. A voice that knows no limitations to its reach and expands beyond all horizons  of possibility. A Voice that is so true, so clear, so pure, it pierces the very ears of the weak and opens the very hearts of the strong. What if you opened up to the possibilities of that voice? What if you welcomed in the very power of that voice.
What if, just what if, that voice were your true passion knocking at your door. Not your #2 “Passion”, not the someday maybe I’ll get to that “Passion”,  not the let me make some money first “Passion”, But what if your passion were that voice speaking to you! And if you just listened and opened yourself to the possibilities of that passion, you could move mountains! Hoo-Haaaaaa!!!!!!!
I believe in that voice. I wait for that voice. I live for that voice. Every day, I journey into the unknown expecting that voice, hoping for that voice, and praying for that voice. Because I know that when I hear it, it is unmistakable. There is no voice, no sound, no thing on the planet that quite rings like that voice. Do you know the voice that I am talking about? It’s the voice that makes you feel safe, at peace, joyful, loved, connected, and powerful. For without it you are lost, but with it you can do no wrong. It is, my friend, the voice of Passion!
Never forget to stop and listen for that voice!
So, I want YOU to take a stand today! Declare that today is the day, that you listen and share your voice. In that moment, when you feel like someone else’s opinion is overshadowing your voice; when you feel like you want to speak up, but your fear wants to keep you down; when you feel like something is about to come through you but you hesitate to let it out; when you know that this is your moment, but it’s safer to wait for the next moment; when you are convinced that your words won’t make a difference, so you decide not to speak them; when you feel like all hope is lost, and there’s nothing you can say or do about it; when you’re about to give up because you have tried everything possible; when the world is doubting you and you begin to doubt yourself; when you have come to the end of your rope, and the struggle gets to great; when you feel like this is the end, but you know it’s just the beginning; when you think your time is later, but your time is really now;
that it is time to speak your voice. It is time to roar from the mountain tops, it is time to let freedom rain, it is time to share your knowing, it is time to unleash your passion, it is now that the world must hear you, it is here that the world will feel you, it is given that the world must know you, it is a disservice for the world to never know you, it is this moment, this pinnacle, this outcry, this emotion, this vibration, this experience, this expression, this revolution, this evolution, this power that must be released from the very core of your soul and the very center of your being…for it is your center that is the center of the universe WHEN YOU SPEAK; and then we know that you have SPOKEN! You are my hero. Take a stand today and let the world hear you roar, my brother/sister.

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