Wednesday, August 15, 2012


If you happen to read Robert Schwartz's Your Soul's Plan you will come to know that Every Soul, plans all the challenges in life with his/her/its soul group before coming to earth.
Depending on the lesson to be learnt a soul may choose to come to life on earth with difficult partners, friends, relatives, family members. Other souls happily participate in the drama of our life so that we can learn our lessons, lessons of patience, resilience, love, understanding, compassion. This is all arranged. If you have a difficult person in your life he/she does not necessarily be a bad or a beginner soul. Hey may even be a spiritual guide volunteered to incarnate on earth so that you can learn. Just see how much they love us unconditionalty to be born on earth just for us.
Again, different people with different ideologies and understandings have their own interpretations. I dont wont to add a separate ideology of mine here. I just want to say that this has changed the way I look at people who (in the past) made my life difficult. Now I am more at peace with whatever happens to me and whoever has done it.
If I may also add to this discussion, That there is no karma. Nothing is Good Nothing is Bad. Please do not fall into the trap of categorizing, analyzing anything.
If I do this I attract Good Karma, If I do that I attract Bad karma....Remember that by doing so the predominant thought at the back of your mind is Karma and by the law of attraction that is what you attract all your life.
I am saying so becuase I have been through this and have come to an understanding.
Just Experience, Learn the Lesson, Move On, Leave Everything else Behind.
You have my word, life will be more easy and at peace. You will get everything you have ever desired for.

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