Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Necessity of Pretending

"Pretend that you are enlightened. Pretend that you are loved by God. Pretend that you are perfect just the way you are. Take a deep breath now and PRETEND WHAT IS TRUE. Then everything will make sense... If you pretend something that is actually true, then the truth of that experience is automatically drawn into your life."- Mabel Katz

Who am I? That is the only question we must ask ourselves in life. The discovery of our true essence and identity is the reason for our existence. It should be our only worry, our only goal. It is very important to discover who we are. Through Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian art that I now practice and teach, I learned that our mind consists of three parts: the superconscious, the conscious, and the subconscious.
This has helped me to understand a little bit more how we function.

• The superconscious is our spiritual side. It’s the part that, no matter what is happening, is always perfect. It’s the part that knows, and above all is very clear who it is all the time.

• The conscious part of us is the mental side, what we call the intellect. It’s a very important aspect of our being, because it’s the one part that has the ability to choose, since we have the gift of free will. In every moment of our lives we are choosing. What are we choosing? We choose if we are going to react and engage when a problem comes up, or if we prefer to let it go and let it be resolved by the part of us that knows better. We also choose, if we are going to accept that we do not know anything (and that we do not need to know), or conversely, if we prefer to think that we know better than God and that we can resolve everything by ourselves. The conscious is the part of us that decides whether to assume 100% of the responsibility by saying, "I’m sorry, please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that has created this," (Ho’oponopono), or to point fingers and blame someone else. The intellect was not created to know. It doesn’t need to know anything. The intellect is a gift. The gift that we have to choose.

• The subconscious is our emotional side. It is our inner child. This is the part that stores all our memories. This extremely important part of ourselves is constantly neglected. Despite this, it is responsible for what we manifest in our lives. This is the part that runs our bodies, the one that breathes automatically without us having to "think" about breathing. It’s our intuitive side. Have you ever felt nervous but didn’t know why? The subconscious alerts us (if we pay attention) when it detects that something bad is about to happen. If we
were more connected with it, we could avoid many unpleasant events. This part is the best partner we could have. It is very important that we communicate with it. We must learn to love it and take good care of it. Once we decide to continue on this path of taking responsibility and we are conscious of it, our inner child will erase (Ho’oponopono) for us automatically, without us having to think about it. In the Ho’oponopono
classes, we work a lot with this inner child. We learn how to communicate with it, how to take care of it, and above all, how to work with it to "let go."

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