Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Medal of Desire

I was an above average athlete in our U P Sainik School, Lucknow. Each year in our school we had Annual Athletic Meet. All the Cadets' use to participate in different categories of games. I was good in 100 meters, 200 meters, 110 hurdles and long jump. There was excitement among cadets' as this the main sports event of the school. Our school has produced many laurels in the field of Athletics. Many have done good at National level.

During last 5 years, I had always managed some medals in 4x100 meters, bronze in 200 meters, 4 th position in 110 hurdles and a very close third position by jumping 5.10 meters in long jump to fetch a bronze.

This was my final year in school i.e. our 12 th class. This was my last Annual Athletic Meet at school and I wanted at least one medal in the events. In track events, I participated in 200 meters and 110 hurdles and in field events I participated in high jump. Unfortunately, I came close 4 th in 110 hurdles and 5th in 200 meters. In high jump, I could only secure 5 th position. I was very sad as I had not won a single medal. My whole Athletic event was over and I was very disappointed with myself. I was very sad as I could not do anything for my house. I was feeling very low and I wanted Peace with myself.

At night, while walking on the roof of our hostel, I was talking to stars and telling them that I couldn't won a medal this year.

The final day when all track and events ended, Physical Training (P.T.) test was remaining. Since, I was the poorest in P.T., I didn't opted for participating in the event. And above all I was disappointed and sad. But my house master forced me to participate.

P.T. Event included almost 20 Cadets' from each house totalling to 60 cadets'. We all were wearing white pants, our house color vest i.e. yellow and P.T. Shoes along with yellow bands in our hands. The judges included Principal, Registrar, Head Master, male teachers and few female teachers. A total of around 20 judges were there to monitor our skills. There was a Army band which started playing the drums. All cadets started doing a set of 20 exercises one after another matching the drum beats. Soon one cadet after another were fouled by the judges one after another and within a period of 10 minutes only 20 cadets' remained. Now one judge watching one cadet. The competition was growing harder and harder. Twenty times we had already completed the 20 set exercises. All cadets were performing to their best. Soon 5 cadets' from my house were terminated. Now remained only 10 cadets' and I was the only from my house. Any first three position in P.T. Competition means the first position to our house in Athletics. As all events counted some points and P.T. Competition points could decide the fate of our house. All responsibilities were on me. All cadets' of my house were cheering me. Few Cadets were guiding me during the P.T. Competition. Since, I couldn't do anything for my house during the Athletic Event I felt responsibility to secure a position in P.T. Competition. Since I was not good in P.T. I started copying a cadet who was doing the exercises at his best. I just followed him. Soon 5 cadets' were removed from the competition. My house cadets' were now roaring for me. Since, I was their only hope. They were shouting our house slogans and were cheering me. Soon one more cadet was expelled from the lot of cadets' jumping in air for medal. Now only 4 cadets'. We all were losing stamina. I was almost breathless as the competition has now gone more than 45 minutes. My hands were shaking, my legs were trembling and hearts was bumbling but I just concentrated for a position in top three. We four cadets' jumping, lying, stretching and performing to our best. Suddenly, a cadet before me made a mistake and was caught by our P.T. Instructor. Cadets' of my house were roaring for joy as my house came first in Annual Athletic Meet. I was so happy that I was in the final three. What my house wanted from me, I delivered the same. But my bones were cracking inside, my mouth was dry and I was gasping for air and my concentration was lost. I made a mistake, I moved my right leg instead of left. The Principal of our school spotted my mistake and I was out. Soon another cadet made a mistake to end the event. We stood first. All Cadets' came running in and lifted me on their shoulders. The celebration was so huge as if I had won the Gold medal but my Bronze medal was greater than that Gold medal because my medal counted for a win of our house. We wee champions. We won the Annual Athletic meet.

Sometimes in life what we desire truly from our heart, we get that because universe conspires to bring that thing to us. What I spoke to stars while roaming on roof has been answered to me. I not only won a medal but love and respect from all cadets' of my school.

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