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Soul Mate Relationships, Soul Groups and Twin Souls

Soulmates are part of our soul group and we form meaningful relationships with them throughout our lifetimes to resolve karma in preperation for our twin soul or twinflame soulmate. 

What is The Soul?

abstract image of soulmate eyesTo understand what a soulmate is you must understand what a soul actually is. The Soul is the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being that is regarded as immortal. The Soul is the breath of Spirit that gives the body life. It is your consciousness or mind and is a sum of your thoughts, emotions, memory, desires, will, and other aspects of your being. 

You are not a physical body that has a soul,
you are a soul that has a physical body.

Before being born into the physical dimension, we choose some of the major experiences that we desire to have, and we make soul-level contracts with other souls. We may even choose our own parents and the lifestyle we are going to live. An easy life versus a difficult life is of no concern from the perspective of the soul. Our life circumstances, whether positive or negative, and the connections with certain people in our life, are happening for a reason. 

Challenging situations and relationships often bring about the greatest opportunities for the individual to learn various life lessons and to grow spirituality. At your birth, aspects of your personality, character, talents, abilities, weaknesses and strengths are already formed in essence as part of your soul. Now, it is just a matter of learning from your weaknesses and using your abilities to the upmost capacity. 

Soulmate Connections

A soulmate is someone with whom you share a soul connection, usually from past/parallel lifetimes together and they are part of your soul group. You and your soulmates come together in lifetimes to help each other grow spiritually. 

soulmates under the tree of lifeSoulmates are those various people that we encounter throughout our lives on a short or long term basis. Soul connections or soulmates can essentially be anyone in your life. They can be friends or enemies. They can be your teachers, your students, your parents, children or siblings, your co-workers, your boss, your employee, your neighbors, your aquantances and close friendships, and of course your romantic relationships. We have many soulmates throughout our lives. 

A soulmate can even be a stranger who offers a word of advice or help just when it is needed. Any significant relationship or memorable encounter usually involves a soulmate from your soul group. 

Have you ever noticed someone for the first time and even if you have never officially met them or know much about them, you feel as if you already do know this person? You may feel drawn to this person energetically and there is a familiarity on a level that transends the physical. 

This person is most likely a soulmate or is part of your soul group. The feeling that you’re experiencing with them is the remembrance of this relationship which is locked into your cellular memory. This is the point where both higher selves are aware of the familiarity and who they are to each other. Most of the time a soulmate relationship can be an exciting experience, but often the lessons we need to learn from this experience involves karma. Although it is not always pleasant if negative karma is involved, these relationships are beneficial and necesssary to accelerate soul growth. Many of the major soulmate connections may have been pre-planned prior to birth in a particular lifetime. 

Throughout our life we may find ourselves attracted to a specific type of personality types for this reason. Re-occuring relationship issues, traits that you desire and dislike, may show you what karma is present that needs to be resolved with a soulmate. 

A Journey of The Soul

Web of light patternsThe journey through the physical earth experience brings much heart-felt experience and wisdom to the soul. There are moments of joy and creative self expression, and there are growing pains and life lessons.

Life is but a stage and we are merely the actors. You share this 3D earth experience with many other souls who are the actors in the movie that is your life. Soulmates in particular are all here to help assist in teaching us life lessons and to help us progress spiritually. 

Soul Groups

The members of a soul group are considered your soulmates. Each one of us in part of a soul group. 

As the consciousness of humanity continues to expand we will begin to meet people at the most opportune times in our life. We will not meet them through coincidence but rather through the experience of synchronicity. These people may be part of your soul group. The more significant relationships may be the individual soulmates that you have direct karma with. Soulmates will also help you with your life lessons in some way. There are soulmates working on personal karmic issues with one another, and also entire soul group that are working on karmic issues as a whole. Generations of soul groups often incarnate together, over and over again as well. 

Both you and your entire soul group slip in and out of key roles from lifetime to lifetime in order to help all of the souls with the group to learn valuable lessons. At the beginning of the physical incarnation each soul within a particular soul group may create sacred contacts and soul level agreements with the other souls within the group. These may include scenarios that the souls will play out in order to learn the various lessons. All life lessons typically involve one, several or even all of the other souls within the group. 

Romantic Soulmate Relationships

Soulmate lovers kissing under the sunsetSoulmate relationships of the romantic or intimate kind often bring the most growing pains and life lessons. 

Imagine that you meet someone and it instantly feels as if you're old friends just picking up where you left off. It feels comfortable, and if the connection is romantic there is often much passion and joy in the beginning. It feels wonderul to be 'in love' and to be loved by this person. 

Then after some time together things start to go wrong. Little conflicts and differences might occur more frequently and the energy between the two of you seems to shift; there are moments when they feel like a stranger. Towards the ending of the connection you begin to feel like you're in an old and familiar pattern which seems to be holding you back from the relationship you truly desire deep down inside. Often there is something inside of you that feels blocked or unable to open up completely on some level with this individual, despite how passionate the dynamic may have been in the beginning. The relationship may end as swiftly as it started or there may be much ego and karma to transcend before the relationship is finally dismantled. This is often how it goes with Soulmate relationships. 

Soulmate experiences of the romantic kind can be painful especially if there is negative karma involved. As long as you grow from these experiences, the soulmate relationship has fulfilled its mission. Some soulmate connections can be short-term or extremely brief encounters. It is vital that you forgive your soulmate for any painful experiences that occured while you were together since unforgiviness creates an enegetic connection between you, or negative karma, and this can act as a magnet which attracts similar energies and situations into your life (or lifetimes) repeatedly until the karma is resolved. 

Soulmates and Karma

Karma, put simply, is cause and effect, or action and reaction. The influence of past over present and how actions in a past life, predetermined the conditions in your present life and character. Each life we live shapes our character and our future destiny in a way we seem to have little control over but are entangled with inescapably 

abstract dark image of soulmates embracingIn the third dimensional world of duality karma is created between various souls in each lifetime. There is an exchange of energy when two souls interact and if the connection is charged with negative emotion then negative karma is created with that soul. 

Negative Karma must be balanced or resolved or the soul will continue incarnating into a third dimensional experience. Souls with too much negative karma or energy become denser in frequency. As a result, these soul may becomes stuck in the denser 3D world of form and caught up in the cycle of re-incarnation. 

Multiple incarnations also give the soul the opportunity for interaction and relationship with those same souls or soul groups that they have become energetically and karmically entwined with. This way, they are able to resolve any previous karma that may exist between them by experiencing once again the same energy dynamics that created the karma to begin with. Roles are often reversed and the souls often are dealing with the same major issues or situations that occurred in previous lifetimes. 

When the individual soul is able to resolve enough karma and transcend ego, it gains wisdom and it becomes lighter in frequency. The cycle of re-incarnation ends and the soul is then able to ascend to higher dimensional planes of experience. 

The Twin Soul or Twin Flame

People often confuse the term soulmate with the twinflame or twin soul, but they are not the same thing. Soulmates are key relationships that we experience within this lifetime and previous/parallel lifetimes. We have many soulmates which are part of our soul group. There are several types of Soulmates which can include friendships, family, children and romantic partners. A brief and meaingful encounter with a stranger can even be a soulmate that is part of your soul group that is showing up at the right time and right place. 

The Twinflame is the explosion of energy that originated from the Fire/Spirit of the Creator, where Soulmate is the generator energy, that is the difference. Both the soulmate and the twinflame relationships have intense energies and these souls will impact your life in some meaningful way. Soulmate relationships can often be short-term while the Twinflame relationship can last a lifetime and beyond. 

Twinflame yin yang male and female forces intertwinedYou have many soulmates, but you only have one Twinflame. You are always connected to your twinflame and have been since the very beginning when you were both created. The twinflame is often referred to as 'the other half of your soul' but your twinflame has its own unique soul vibration just as you do and is not 'half of a soul'. The twinflame is your other half 'energetically' speaking. Your twinflame and you both share the same over-soul that was created in the beginning as an adrogonous soul containing both the masculine and feminine polarities. This one soul became divided into two distinct energies or individual souls, one with the male essence and the other with the female essence. 

It is rare for the Twinflames to both be incarnated into the physical dimension simultaneously, but this is happening more frequently as the consciousness of humanity expands. Usually one twinflame is in the spirit world and may even act as a guide to their other energetic half if the other is incarnated into the physical dimension. 

Twinflames that are both incarnate on the physical plane and come together at this time are doing so according to the Divine Plan. This reunion is a high calling and much inner spiritual work must be completed before a harmonious relationship can be established with the Twinflame. Twinflames are being commisionned at this time to assist with the planetary ascension on the planet. 

You are always connected to your twinflame even if they are not incarnated in the physical. You can never be separated completely from your twinflame. In essence, the twinflame connection is not meant to be idealized or romanticized. It is not about bursts of lustful passions or flowers and candy. It is a Sacred connection that is based on Divine Love which is connected to Source Energy, or God. It is a holy union and the alchemical marriage. The twinflame connection truly transcends the physical dimension. 

If you are destined to meet your twinflame the experience will be quite profound. There is a complete and unshalable recognition of the twin soul when it occurs. The attraction and communion that each of you share will be undeniable, unbreakable and unconditional. The twinflame relationship is definitely not without conflict or issue, but any negativity between the twin souls can usually be resolved quickly as unconditional love, acceptance and forgivness is the foundation of this relationship. 

The Twinflame connection is a spiritual relationship that usually goes beyond any definition of a traditional physical relationships on earth. It is the purpose of both twin souls to spend their lives togethe if they do meet on earth and are ready for the experience. Once a person encounters their true twin soul they will never quite be the same again. 

twinflame soulmates walking hand in headEven if a romantic relationship is not possible, the two will always be connected in some form, as they always were from the beginning. 

The twin soul connection is the most significant relationship we can experience, but this does not diminish the importance and benefits of the soulmate connection. The soulmate relationships allow us to prepare spiritually for the twinflame union and they give us the opportunities to learn, grow and to resolve karma. 

Marriages between soulmates as oppose to twinflames can be beautiful experiences leading to joy and fufillment and a soulmate can truly be the love of a lifetime. Relationships with the Twinflame can often be extremely challenging as any karma or energies present between you, whether negative or positive, will be amplified unless the personal and spiritual work is being done by both twins in order to keep the connection harmonious and free from ego, and to serve the will of the Divine Creator, as this is their calling on earth at this time. If the Twinflame relationship endures it can truly be a rewarding experience on all levels. 

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