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Finding Your Soulmate

Finding Your Soulmate
Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle . . .
Here’s How to End the Cycle of False Starts, Disappointments,
and Lonely Nights . . . and Finally Call in the Love of Your Life

Katherine Woodward Thomas,
You have a vision for fulfilling, soulful, inspiring love. For a partner you can walk through life with . . . share your home with . . . and who you can lean on for comfort, encouragement and support.
I want you to know that not only is this kind of love possible for you, but calling it into your life right now doesn’t have to be the struggle it may have been in the past.
Desiring and finding your soulmate can be an incredibly joyful experience, free from feelings of hopelessness and despair, and I want to show you how.
As a conscious and caring person, you may feel like you’re overflowing with love you could be sharing with your true partner.
And since you’re here right now, it probably means you’re ready to awaken to your most magnetic and open-hearted self, and call in that beautiful love you so deeply deserve.
It probably means you’re willing to do the work to clear away your blocks so you can finally attract your soulmate, your best friend, your most supportive cheerleader, your spiritual partner, your passionate lover, the one person who will stand beside you through everything . . . your husband or wife.
You can probably even sense it—that you’re supposed
to have this magical kind of love in your life . . .
so why has it been so hard to find?
If you’re at all like the tens of thousands of other people I’ve guided through the Calling in “The One” Process, then you’ve probably done a tremendous amount of work on yourself. Yet somehow, the kind of deep love you’re looking for still eludes you – which has to be incredibly frustrating, and a bit confusing.
If you’ve been unsuccessful over and over again in trying to find the right partner, then continuing the search may feel like an empty pursuit, with disappointment as its only destination. You may even be wondering at this point if the good ones really are already taken . . . or if maybe you’ve waited too long and missed the boat . . . or (most frightening of all) if something might actually be “wrong” with you, rendering you incapable of having happy, healthy love.
If you’ve not yet been able to manifest your soulmate, then it’s natural to have these feelings of self-doubt. But what if I told you that much of the automatic meaning you’ve been making about why you’re still single, or about why you’ve been unsuccessful thus far in finding love, isn’t actually true? And what if I told you that once you more clearly understand your actual obstacles to love, it will not only be possible for you to change your far-from-finished love story, but that you’ll likely be able to do so much faster than you imagine possible?
You see, many of the things you’ve felt powerless to change about how love goes for you, are things you do, in fact, have the power to change. And changing those things will not only be enlightening and inspiring but—dare I say it—even fun! Starting right now, your search for love can become a deeply satisfying, magical, and even enjoyable process, every step of the way.
During the Calling in “The One” Process, you’ll not only call in the most exceptional love of your life . . . you’ll also call in the most exceptional You!
Imagine being with your soulmate and
beginning to experience the joy of sharing simple
pleasures and the great adventure of life together
Can you imagine how different your life will look and feel when you can live it with your true life partner by your side?
You’ll . . .
Feel more able and inspired to move toward your goals, with your partner’s encouragement and support for becoming your best self and living your best life
Find that financial stress and worry simply dissolve, and you feel secure, protected and at ease
Enjoy even more of the little things in life, because you have someone to share them with—those puppies at the park, the baby cooing at the restaurant, the starry nights and lingering sunsets, little inside jokes and other random moments of delight throughout your day
Experience profound and lasting happiness, because the colors and textures around you suddenly seem more vibrant, and the light within you more radiant
Witness more magic, gratitude and excitement in your daily life in all the ways that only true love seems to ignite . . . making everything more delicious and fulfilling!
Experience a sense of deep self-nourishment and self-acceptance in knowing that who you are is exactly who your soulmate wants and loves!
These are some of the wonderful kinds of realities you can begin to experience in the coming year with your soulmate. They are the same realities that thousands of people are already enjoying as a result of the Calling in “The One” process.
All it takes is a first step, to bravely say, “I am ready for love. I choose this as my destiny.”
In taking this stand, you reclaim your power to create the relationship you desire and deserve to have.
And if you’re willing to make this commitment to yourself, I’m ready to help you bring it to fruition as I guide you step by step through the powerful process of inner transformation that will allow you to attract the right partner and create the relationship of your dreams!
I’ll provide the tools and techniques you’ll need to be able to:
Release past patterns that have kept love from taking root, so you can move forward and create new, healthy patterns that let love flow freely into your life
Create an extraordinary life as the foundation for attracting an extraordinary love
Anchor your vision of love to fully receive and welcome a fulfilling relationship without letting the past limit your future
The atmosphere of my interactive online course is intimate, safe, and supportive, allowing the process of attracting love to be easy, playful, and fun—everything it should be!
The Calling in “The One” Story
If you don’t know me yet, my name is Katherine Woodward Thomas, and I’m the author of the national bestseller, Calling in “The One,” and the creator of the internationally acclaimed Calling in “The One” online course, a unique, life-transforming 7-week program that can help you find your true spiritual soulmate.
It all started when I was 41 years old. Having never married, I’d instead devoted myself full time to helping people for many years. I was a marriage and family psychotherapist with a full-time private practice, counseling people each day about how to have happy, vibrant relationships. But, sadly, I was coming home each night to a lonely apartment.
It didn’t seem fair, and I was deeply discouraged about ever finding true love. It was at this point in my life that I discovered techniques that allowed me to begin to manifest things I’d always wanted but which had until then eluded me. And to my surprise and delight, I was wildly successful!
Early on in learning these new skills, I easily manifested more clients, more money, and a vacation to Hawaii. Encouraged, I turned my newfound techniques to an area that had been deeply disappointing to me over the years—that of finding a happy, healthy, committed partnership . . . a beloved to share my home and my life with.
Although I’d never been married before, I set a bold intention to be engaged by my birthday, just 8 months away—with no prospects whatsoever for a husband, let alone a worthy husband!
Determined nonetheless, I developed a step-by-step process that has since become the very Calling in “The One” course now known throughout the world. I used it for the first time to magically and synchronistically manifest a truly wonderful man with whom I had a beautiful relationship that lasted for more than a decade.
I had indeed become engaged by my 42nd birthday, just as I’d planned to. We married the following year, and at the age of 43, our beautiful daughter, Alexandria was born.
It wasn’t very long before word of my powerful process began to spread. Friends and clients started to ask how I’d done it, so I taught them the 7-step process I’d created for myself. As they began to see the same kinds of results I had, word spread even faster, and soon I was receiving requests from people all around the country. And that inspired me to write my process down, in order to more easily be able to share it with others.
When a certain well-known literary agent heard about my process, she invited me to show her what I’d written, and within a week of reading it and trying some of the techniques for herself, her whole romantic life began to transform. She met her soulmate soon after—and became a true believer!
She then took the book to Random House . . . and the rest is history. Since the book was published, over 100,000 copies have been sold, but what thrills me the most is the fact that there are a lot of people out there who are living happier lives because of it!
Even though the book quickly became a national bestseller, requests kept coming in from people wanting extra help to fully embody and integrate the Calling in “The One” principles into their lives.
So I immediately began to evolve, refine and improve the Calling in “The One” process. Through years of experimentation and feedback, working with tens of thousands of people from all around the world, I learned dozens of other effective techniques for being successful in attracting and keeping love.
I designed new exercises, helped develop interactive technologies, and launched the 7-week online course to help people quickly and easily call in “The One”—and all with the loving support of a whole community of people who are standing with and for each other to have profound, life-altering breakthroughs in the area of love and relationships.
And now, I’m teaching the course again, incorporating all of the successful techniques I’ve used in the past along with more new exercises that reflect what I’ve learned from helping so many others find the love of their dreams.
I have helped thousands of people walk through
this step-by-step process to overcome their obstacles,
take responsibility for their “love destiny,” and
become “The One” their soulmate is searching for
The Calling In “The One” process has received acclaim from all over the world. Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and Debbie Ford are just a few of the international luminaries who have raved about this unique approach.
Eventually, my process caught the attention of the national television media. Watch the video below to see what happened for the “student” they chose for me as a test, Sunny Barretto.
Calling in “The One” Put to the Test on National Television
Not too long ago, Fox TV’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet issued an official challenge to Katherine Woodward Thomas: Could she really help someone to find love in just 7 weeks? Real love, lasting love, the love people dream of having? They invited 40-year-old Sunny Barretto onto the show to share her story with Katherine.
At the time, Sunny lived in New York City and was a successful, unmarried career woman. For most of her life, she had been satisfied with the way things were. “I’m independent, I can travel, my time is my own,” she’d say. Yet, when her doctor broke the news that she didn’t have much time left if she wanted children, Sunny realized that something needed to change in her approach to finding love. If she ever wanted to have a family of her own, she’d better do something, and do it now!
“I believed that all the good guys were taken,” she said. “And the kind of guys I was attracted to were trouble.” So, Katherine invited Sunny into the 7-week Calling in “The One” course, and Mike and Juliet scheduled a follow-up appearance two months later to find out what happened.
Sunny thought she was really open to love, but what she discovered in the course was that she actually had a very rigid set of criteria for who she thought “The One” would be. Without meaning to, she was dismissing some very nice men because of her attachment to her picture of what she thought he’d look like. Even though she believed herself to be open to love, she began to realize that she wasn’t open at all.
“She didn’t even realize she was doing it,” said Katherine. “She was going out on dates like they were interviews. At Calling in “The One” we like to say that she was leading with her resume, and not her radiance.”
The insights Sunny received in the course helped her to clarify and release her inner obstacles to love.
Just a few weeks into the process, Sunny met Robert. Luckily, she’d made the necessary shifts within herself to receive him into her life. Talking about how she’d met him through an internet dating site, Sunny laughingly said, “I almost deleted him because he wasn’t from Manhattan! But, I heard Katherine’s voice in my head telling me, ‘He’s not going to look the way you think he should!’”
It turned out that although Robert didn’t live in Manhattan, he actually worked in the building right next door to where Sunny lived. When they met, Sunny softened her stance and let go of her normal interview approach to finding love. She showed up just being herself, deeply present and available to discover if there was a connection. Their attraction was instant. Robert was smitten, as was she, and the relationship progressed quickly.
Soon after, Robert invited Sunny on a trip to Rome over the New Year. When they returned, Sunny and Katherine went back on The Morning Show, where Sunny surprised everyone, including Katherine, by announcing their engagement live on national television!
During the show, Robert, who was in the audience, explained that he knew almost immediately that Sunny was “The One,” and said that when he met her, he felt like he’d “finally arrived home.”
Click HERE to watch Sunny share her story on The Morning Show.

So, what’s the secret?
What makes my Calling in “The One” Process so successful in helping people attract their soulmate?
Well, here’s the secret, in a nutshell: I start where almost no other approach to finding love does—on the inside.
In other words, you have to give up wishing for love, and instead make the commitment to evolve beyond your past patterns and cause love to happen in your life.
In taking this stand, you reclaim your power to create the relationship you desire and deserve to have.
But there’s a catch: making the commitment to transform yourself is really only the first step. If you don’t actually follow through on your commitment and make the specific transformations necessary to create this kind of love, you’ll only waste your time on internal work that won’t take you a single step closer to the love you desire.
That’s why I developed the Calling In “The One” 7-Week Interactive Online Course. I’ve seen far too many people with good hearts and good intentions run up against the same obstacles again and again as they try to change their lives. So I’ve created a powerful step-by-step process in order to help you transform in the specific ways that are truly going to make you magnetic to the love you yearn for.
For a start, you need to know how to overcome the hidden inner-barriers that are keeping you from finding that love. Then, you need to learn how to transform yourself into “The One” for your future partner, so that you are ready to accept love when it appears. And lastly, you need to align yourself with your “Love Destiny” to attract your soulmate into your life.
In my Calling in “The One” Course, I will guide you step by step through each phase of this proven process in just 7 weeks, and in less than two months, you will know exactly how to attract the conscious, committed, spiritual partner of your dreams, and together co-create the beautiful life you’ve always believed was possible.
Here’s what you’ll learn in my 7-week
Interactive Online Course:
Week 1: Preparing for Love
The top 3 things you absolutely must be doing in order to become magnetic to your soulmate
Why preparing to receive love is more powerful than running out to try to find it
How a “spiritual partnership” differs from a traditional marriage and the one key thing you can do to attract the powerful partnership your parents never had
The most common mistake we make when visualizing love that actually keeps love at bay—and how not to make it
The one shift you can make right away that will elevate the quality of potential partners you attract into your life almost immediately
The difference between a “soulmate” and an “ego mate” and why your perfect partner may actually be different than anyone you’ve ever dated before
How to weave an alluring, magnetic field that draws your perfect partner into your life without having to go out in search of love
Week 2: Completing the Past
Why you absolutely must let go of past relationships and patterns in order to attract your best possible partner into your life
How not completing the past can ruin your chances for love in the present, and exactly where to look and what to do to turn those past disappointments into a wonderfully unpredictable, unprecedented future of love fulfilled
Why “forgiving” an ex too quickly may be the worst thing you can do, and the trick to using the energy of your anger to forward your greatest growth before letting it go
How to master the 7-step process that will enable you to take back your power no matter what has happened to you in the past
The secret of how to evolve all of the relationships in your life to the levels of health and wellbeing you so deeply deserve and desire to have
Week 3: Transforming Your Love Identity Core Beliefs
How to uncover barriers you didn’t even know you had that have been thwarting the realization of love in your life, and learn how to release them now
How to take a quantum leap—instead of years of “slow and steady progress”—by learning the 5-step process to identify and liberate yourself once and for all from your most debilitating false beliefs
How to evolve beyond your old destructive patterns in love, and graduate forever from having to relive past relational dynamics over and over again
The value of what you have to offer, and how to begin experiencing your own true worth on an embodied level
The one simple practice that will change forever the way others relate to you
How you can powerfully release the life you’ve known and become magnetic to the life you are creating
Week 4: Activating Your Magnetic Power
How to show up as a powerfully magnetic woman rather than a little girl in your romantic relationships and tap into your innate ability to attract your best possible partner into your life
How to connect with your deeper desires in a way that makes you irresistibly magnetic to their fulfillment
The 3 steps to setting a powerful intention that will instantly compel life to begin organizing around the fulfillment of the future you are committed to creating
How to magnetize the fulfillment of your deepest desires in all areas of your life, by beginning to source your sense of self and navigate your life from the very future you are committed to creating, rather than the present or the past
How to partner with a field and a force of life greater than yourself to “call in” a great love
How to know when you’ve met “The One” and why—without this knowledge, you could easily miss the greatest opportunity of your life
Week 5: Becoming The One
Why the commitment you desire from another must come first and foremost from yourself to yourself
The true meaning of self-love and what it actually means to “love yourself” before you can love another
How to reclaim your sensual self, learning to love, care for, respect and honor your body, just as it is, as part of the home you offer your beloved
The one shocking secret to sustaining great relationships that is the exact opposite of everything you were taught to do
Why saying “no” and setting limits actually serves to create more love in a relationship, as well as increasing your chances of securing a commitment
Why receiving from another is really a gift you offer them, and why the relationship may not bond properly until you do
How cultivating your “emotional literacy” will automatically increase intimacy, deepen love and solidify the union with “The One” you call into your life
Week 6: Aligning With Your Love Destiny
How to go from simply hoping the Universe gives you love, to mastering the art of how to magnetize it into your life by aligning with the future you are committed to creating
The secret happy people know about how to create richer, more satisfying unions, and how to bring more love, intimacy and partnership into your life right now
The one simple technique that will help you to overcome your deepest fears forever, liberating you to take the risk to open your heart to love and be loved fully and deeply
The biggest mistake couples make that is the number one destroyer of relationships, and how to master the sole skill you’ll need to know in order to avoid it
The 3 keys to creating ecstatic intimacy with a beloved partner and the crucial practices that will make sure you are ready when “The One” shows up
The one critical thing every woman needs to know about how to make relationships deepen, flourish, and thrive over time
Week 7: Manifesting Your Soulmate
How to begin experiencing a continual stream of synchronicity, magic and miracles that support you fully to manifest your heart’s desire
How to use disappointments, obstacles, setbacks and delays to catapult you towards becoming even more magnetic to love
The sweet secret of how to move from a “me” centered life to a “we” centered life and immediately begin experiencing a deeper level of relatedness and love with everyone you meet
How to master the super-charged practice for becoming magnetic to all things good in life
How to radiate and embody the love you seek, causing the flourishing and thriving of life and love everywhere so that your soulmate quickly recognizes you as “The One” for them
Luminaries Speak About Calling in “The One”

“For all those seeking to bring a deep and magical love into their lives, Katherine Woodward Thomas has discovered a portal to love and beckons us all to follow her lead.”
—Marianne Williamson, author of A Return To Love
“Katherine Woodward Thomas is a master messenger with a masterful message. She makes the complex clear and the complicated simple, and does so with uncommon warmth and grace. I love her. I absolutely love her.”
—Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God
“For those prepared to call a great love into their lives, Katherine’s heartfelt understanding of the terrain of romantic love in the twenty-first century is both unique and inspiring, helping us all to move to the next level in our ability to give and receive love.”
—Debbie Ford, author of The Right Questions and Spiritual Divorce
“Katherine is truly gifted! Her magical techniques and seminars are life changing. Her insight and wisdom can assist anyone wanting to find “The One.” Her processes worked for me . . .
I am now in an amazing committed relationship with my life mate!”
—Renee Piane, author of Love Mechanics: Power Tools To Build Successful Relationships with Women
“Few teachers inspire us to reach towards the realization of our higher potentials for love in quite the same way that Katherine does. With gentle ferocity, she guides us along the evolutionary pathway, so that we might find our way home to the next level of wholehearted connection.”
—Joan Borysenko, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind
“Katherine Woodward Thomas is one of the wisest women I’ve ever known. With uncommon clarity, intelligence and depth, she brilliantly leads us step by step to navigate our way to the highest potentials of our relationships, and allows for unconditional love to prevail.”
—Marci Shimoff, author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason

What People Are Saying . . .

“After 20 years of being divorced and single, I took the Calling in ‘The One’ Course in the Fall of 2010, met the love of my life the following August, and we were married in May, 2012! I have met and married ‘My One’; the man whom I could not believe actually existed, and ‘The One’ who loves and desires me with the same deep knowing and sense of ‘rightness’ that I feel for him!”
—Nancy, New York
“I thought finding ‘The One’ would be difficult—how would I know he was right? Instead, within a few weeks of starting the program, the way I dated changed completely. Within 4 months of completing the course, I met my husband. After less than 2 months of dating we were making long term plans together, and at 6 months, he proposed. We’re now happily married!”
—Rena, New York
“I met ‘The One’! I feel completely worthy and entitled to this wonderful relationship. We bring a richness to each other’s lives that neither of us have experienced before. Thank you for the wonderful insights and permission to expect such a beautiful love and life for myself!”
—Vicki, Australia
“My daily life is a miracle: I am loved and cherished, appreciated and adored. I am inspired and connected and choose my new partner with certainty. I am living the communion my soul yearned for and Calling in ‘The One’ has been pivotal in manifesting it!”
—Maria, California
“The course enabled me to look at limiting beliefs that had been running my life but that I was unaware of. I now know that I am lovable and totally capable of loving and sharing in a committed partnership. I cannot describe how grateful I am that I took this course. It has changed my life. Thank You!”
—Barbara N., Texas
“I have broken my ties to my past relationships and in doing so opened myself up to meeting ‘The One’ and he arrived! I am so, so happy to be loved and seen for who I am and to be part of an evolutionary partnership!”
—Deb B., New York
Join the World’s Most Powerful and Supportive Love
Manifestation Course Community with Katherine and
her team of Certified Calling in “The One” Coaches
Seven Weekly 90-Minute Course Sessions facilitated by Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT
Katherine will be teaching each of the 7 course sessions, taking you step-by-step each week through one of the core principles of the Calling In ”The One” Process and supporting you to release your inner barriers to love. Through these course sessions you’ll come to discover the tools and techniques that will help you to release your own inner obstacles to love and become irresistibly magnetic to your soulmate.
Course Sessions will be on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific Time beginning on July 22nd.
The seven 90-minute course session calendar is as follows:
July 22nd, 29th
August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
September 2nd
*Note: Each session will be recorded and you’ll have unlimited access to recordings of all of the course sessions following the live broadcast (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player).
Seven Weekly LIVE 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions With Katherine
Katherine sets this time aside specifically to answer the questions that are most relevant to this course and to provide coaching in a live group format. Each week, Katherine will answer your questions about the course material and guide you on your journey of transformation. If you are needing any answers along the way, these sessions are sure to take you deeper into the material so you can more fully embody the principles and call in “The One.”
Group Coaching Sessions will take place on Saturdays at 9:00am Pacific Time beginning on July 26th.
The seven 90-minute Live Coaching session calendar is as follows:
July 26th
August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
September 6th
As the course unfolds, you will have unlimited access to the recordings of all of the sessions (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player).
Fourteen Optional LIVE 30-Minute Small Group Interactive Sessions
Immediately after each Course Session broadcast AND after each LIVE Group Coaching Session, you have the opportunity to participate in a 30-minute LIVE Interactive Session, hosted by Katherine or a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach. During these sessions you can interact by phone in small groups with other students around questions designed to deepen inquiry and engagement with the material from that week. We use the innovative Maestro Conference platform for these sessions, which enables us to break you into small private groups, just like a live workshop.
Interactive Sessions will take place immediately following both the Tuesday Course Sessions and the Saturday LIVE Group Coaching Sessions. To participate, you simply stay on or dial into the phone line. Please refer to the calendars above for the dates.
NOTE: The Interactive Sessions are live discussions, so you will need a phone or Skype to participate in the discussions. You can also listen to the Interactive Sessions over the web and engage the questions as a personal, guided reflection practice.
Practice & Reflection Questions for Each Course Session
To empower you in your journey toward love, Katherine has created weekly Practice and Reflection Questions. When you follow these assignments carefully, you will unlock your amazing power to attract the love you so deeply yearn for.
Access to our Custom-Designed Exclusive Online Community Site
Engage online with other course participants in this supportive Calling in “The One” Online Community Site. As you go through the course, you will be able to gather and connect with other participants online to share your breakthroughs and insights, and support each other in deepening into the principles and teachings. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the power that comes through doing deeply transformative work in community.
PDF Transcripts of Each Course Session
Download the transcript of each course session after you’ve listened to it, so you can to refer back to it as you follow the course through to your transformation. The power of your learning will be integrated even more deeply as you reconnect to the course sessions in print.
In addition to the weekly course sessions with Katherine, you’ll
also receive this exclusive set of bonus workshops with leading
experts on love.
Exclusive Calling in “The One”
Bonus Seminars
BONUS #1: Awakening Your Feminine Power
To “Call In” Your One
A LIVE Virtual Workshop with co-creator of the Feminine Power Courses and Women’s Transformation Expert, Claire Zammit Ph.D.c
(a $97 value)
Being an intelligent and successful woman is too often seen as an actual obstacle to finding a love partner—as though men can’t help but be intimidated and turned off by strong women. But the truth is that by more fully embracing and developing your true Feminine Power, you’ll be able to call in a powerful man who is your equal. A man who is not only not intimidated by a strong woman, but inspired by her. A man who recognizes you as the perfect woman for him because you are smart and accomplished . . . and strong. And then together you can create a mutually supportive partnership, and a thriving life!
During this LIVE Virtual Workshop you’ll . . .
Tap into the magnetic wealth of your true Feminine Power and learn how to use it to become more fully yourself and attract the love of your life
Learn how to stay calmly, confidently, and uniquely yourself with men, and draw in the right man for you because of it
Discover the secrets to manifesting and nourishing a deep and vital relationship with your partner
Get special, personal tips and “Feminine Power statements” from Claire based on her own success with the Calling in “The One” Process
Claire Zammit, Ph.D.c. holds a doctorate in the field of Transformative Learning and Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and a Masters degree in Social Ecology. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Feminine Power: Awakening to the Creative Force of Life.
BONUS #2: Making Love A Spiritual Journey
An Audio Seminar with Renowned Spiritual Teachers: Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, and Dr. Jean Houston
(a $97 Value)

God is love. This is something all three of these extraordinary spiritual teachers completely agree on. Since relationships are also built on love, consciously inviting the divine into your partnership in certain way will enhance, deepen and expand the connection that’s already present between you.
In this audio seminar you’ll discover . . .
The real reason human beings have such a deep longing to be with their beloved
How relationships help you evolve to fulfill your higher purpose
Rituals that invite the energy of God into your relationship and your daily life
How to handle being with a partner who doesn’t believe in a higher power
Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer. She has authored 10 books, 6 of which were New York Times bestsellers. Her book, A Return to Love, is considered a must-read of the New Spirituality.
Neale Donald Walsch is the bestselling author of the Conversations With God series of books, and the founder of numerous organizations for spiritual growth. His latest book is When Everything Changes, Change Everything.
Dr. Jean Houston is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement and is the author or co-author of twenty-six books, including her latest, The Wizard of Us.
BONUS #3: Soulmate Manifestation Secrets
That Really Work: Becoming A Magnet
For The Love You Desire
An Audio Seminar with Relationship Expert and Author of the International Bestseller The Soulmate Secret, Arielle Ford (a $97 value)
Arielle delivers a wealth of revelations, thought-provoking techniques, and action plans to help you get out of your own way so you can make positive changes using the Law of Attraction. If you’re blocking the heart-opening love you’re looking for, she will show you how to overcome those blocks and claim the soulmate relationship that is yours for the asking.
During this audio seminar, you’ll discover . . .
The incredible truth about soulmate love and why it’s truly possible for everyone
Why so many people use the Law of Attraction in reverse without realizing it, and how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you
The “secret sauce” of the Law of Attraction that allows it to work every time
How to design your ultimate soulmate relationship
Arielle Ford is the author of seven books, including the international bestseller The Soulmate Secret and her latest, Wabi Sabi Love: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships.
The Ultimate “Understanding Men”
Seminar Series

Dr. John Gray
Alison Armstrong
Lauren Frances
Everything You Need to Know About How Men Relate to
Dating and Marriage to Be Able to Find Your “One” and
Create the Relationship of Your Dreams (a $197 value)
In this brand new, never-before-offered-together seminar series, six of the most respected and experienced “understanding men” gurus in the world (who possess an incredible combined 80 years of research!) are going to teach you everything you need to know to:
decode male behavior in the dating process
ensure that you attract the right partner
expertly navigate the relationship once you’re in it
This enlightening and and empowering bonus package includes:
Seminar #1: “Getting in Sync with Men: Unlocking the Male Mind and What Really Turns Them On (and Off!),” with the bestselling relationship author of all time, Dr. John Gray
Seminar #2: “What Makes a Man Fall in Love,” with “Understanding Men” expert, Alison Armstrong
Seminar #3: “How to Be a ‘Man Magnet,’” with The “Man Whisperer,” Lauren Frances
Seminar #4: “Decoding His Language: Real Men Reveal What You MUST Know About How They Communicate” with acclaimed relationship coaches, Carlos Cavallo, Michael Griswold & David Mills
In these four comprehensive seminars you’ll discover . . .
The difference between love and attraction and how to know when men are interested in a long-term relationship
The 5 flirting tips that create a “magic spark” and inspire positive male attention
The different (sometimes opposing) ways men and women bond with each other
The silent ways women are always making the first move
Why men pull away in early stages of dating, and what women can do
Why every successful woman truly needs a man (though it’s not for the reason you might think!)
What makes a woman “The One” to a man
How to know if you should keep working on a relationship or find someone new
And so much more!
Facilitated by:

Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT is the national bestselling author of Calling in “The One,” and the lead trainer of the Certified Calling in “The One” Coaches Training Program. She is also the creator of the Conscious Uncoupling 5-Week Process, as well as a licensed psychotherapist and the co-creator and co-leader of the Feminine Power transformative courses for women. Katherine is a creative and inspired transformative educator with nearly 20 years experience designing and facilitating leading-edge seminars that support the emergence of life-altering shifts in consciousness in both individuals and in groups. She is the co-creator and co-host of the highly acclaimed Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries, which gathers thousands of women to engage the world’s most preeminent female luminaries, thinkers, scientists, artists and agents of change. Katherine is an honored member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group, which both supports and promotes a call to conscious evolution.
Frequently Asked Questions:

What will I learn?
You will learn how to become magnetic, drawing towards you all those things you most deeply desire to have in your life, including, of course, greater and greater levels of love and belonging. The course, while highly informative, is primarily transformative in nature. You will have the opportunity not just to learn about the main obstacles to the experience and expression of love, but to actually discover and gain tremendous clarity about what your specific obstacles have been. You will be taught how to identify and release the patterns, core beliefs and incompletions that have been preventing love from taking root in your life. And you will be given powerful tools to cause the future you desire.
Why should I take this class as opposed to just reading the book?
Studies show that people are most successful at creating change in their lives when they are led by expert mentors. Not only does Katherine have years of experience as a transformative educator, but she’s undergone the Calling in “The One” Process herself and personally mentored thousands of people. As your guide on this journey, Katherine will create a profound space of healing, transformation, inspiration and encouragement.
Can I really find love in just 7 weeks?
Many people do find love within this relatively short period of time. However, it is not the goal of the course. The real goal is to prepare you to receive a great love into your life, and for most people, that can certainly be accomplished in 7 weeks.
What if I don’t feel ready to be in a relationship? Should I still take the course?
Many people take the course simply to complete past failed relationships, and to understand why they have created the same disappointing experiences over and over, so that they never have to repeat that same dynamic again. If you do not feel ready to bring a new love into your life, there is no pressure to do so at this time. The focus of a Calling in “The One” Course is on creating your very best life so that you can attract your very best love if and when you are ready.
What if I am already in a relationship but want to make it better? Should I take the course?
Many people who are already in committed relationships have participated in a Calling in “The One” Course and if that is your situation, you are more than welcome here. The 7-week process we engage includes removing the inner obstacles to love and it works as effectively if you are already in a relationship, as it does if you desire to find a partner and be in a relationship.
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