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Twinflame flames Union

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The Universe has a strong message for you relating to the phenomenon of the Twin Flame. You have been drawn to this topic and these words, which carry energy, in order to begin unlocking codes within your being that opens you up to the Twin Flame connection. 
Much preparation is done around each Twin Flame partner before the re-connection ensues. High-level spiritual guides and guardians oversee the pathway of each Soul, and their inner development, before the union is consummated. 
There is vital energy that is being streamed around you, engaging the Third Eye, Crown, Causal, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras. You must be listening, paying great attention, and using your intuitive and spiritual awareness in order to receive the energy that Spirit is wishing to give you. 
Your Twin Flame partnership is not a ‘concept’ to be understood. It is not something to wrestle with, make judgements about, argue over or waste precious energy over-thinking. It is a gift from God at the very Highest level of Grace and Supreme Unity Consciousness. 
Your Twin Flame is seeking your energy right this moment. You need to be switched on, open at the Heart Centre, clear in your channels, ready to receive higher pulses of Light. Your Twin Flame needs to feel your Light, your strength, your purpose, your confidence, your faith. He or She may be wavering at this time; unsure of what the next step is, confused about life, scared, unsure and very unsettled at a base level. 
This is because it is common for earthly lives and circumstances to radically alter when the Twin Flames need to come together. In order to break open to Spirit, to burst the Heart and the Higher Heart open to extremely high frequencies of Light, the individuals must both undergo significant life changes and the breaking down of all or much of the existing structures. This process sometimes happens at the same time for Twin Flames; often it is seen that one Twin undergoes the 'breakdown and awakening’ pattern first, and the other one follows later. 
It is very common for one Twin to be holding more concentrated and distilled forms of Light in the energy bodies before the other one 'awakens to Spirit’. Therefore, it is necessary for the Twin that is more 'developed’ spiritually (do not be tempted to let your ego make a judgement about this) to provide a directional torchlight for the other one. 
Your Twin may need you to be sending light, faith and strength to them right now. It is a challenging experience for those Twins who do not understand quite what is happening to them as they prepare to have their life turned upside down through this Divine Connection. It most likely will threaten all their ideas about who they are, who they love, what they are doing with their lives, why they are here and who they are supposed to be with. 
Spirit is in the process of sending potent rays of awakening light to many previously unconscious, unawakened Twins who are ready to reunite. Many are being shocked and almost electrified into the process. Nothing will make sense for these individuals for some time to come, because they are receiving awakening codes and being prepared for living their Spiritual Missions. They may respond to the absorption of these rays of light through the Upper Chakras by a desire to run away from existing responsibilities, commitments and duties. There will be an intense urge to break free from existing conditions and even relationships. 
The Soul wants freedom, expansion, lightness, radiance and truth. The Heart of your Twin also craves deep intimacy, sacred understanding, intuitive connection and divine closeness. 
This is a time of great change for many Twin Souls, who are preparing to embark together upon a lifetime of great purpose, great love, great light and great influence upon our world. 
If you resonate with some or all of these words, it is important that you take time to listen to your intuition, your heart and your body for messages about what your Twin needs from you. You are both intrinsically telepathic with each other, so everything and anything that you send to your Twin Flame is felt and received energetically. 
Know that the energy is strong, fast-flowing and purposeful regarding the total reconnection of you and your Twin Flame. Do not doubt what you feel to be true, and trust that your angels are giving you accurate guidance. 
Your Twin Flame may need you to be a Sacred Pillar of Light and Strength at this time. Open your heart and send reassurance, eternal, unconditional love, courage and fortitude to them. They may be about to make a big leap for you, so extend your hand now in faith and the promise of an ecstatic, blissful welcome.

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