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Switch Words - English Mantras

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Switch words ... english mantras

Switch Words have a direct access to our subconscious minds. Like a switch for the light, it works very fast. Just repeat the concerned switch word constantly. That’s it. Success in results will be taken care of automatically.
Life Situations
Switch Word(s)
Creative ideas
Career opportunities – especially to get an employment
Find Divine Order Count Now Done
Make money miraculously
Together Find Count Divine
Speed up things, reach a place faster
To be in good health
Find Divine Order Be Now
To come out of any stagnation
Over Move On
When you are in a Tirupati type of crowd and is stuck
Over Move On Halfway
Conflict situations
Bow Concede Together Divine
To maintain your distance and space, and make the criticising person leave you –   instead of grinding your teeth
Find Divine Order
Chanting for others
Let us say you are in a hurry but the other person (let us say his name is Robert) slows things down. Affirm, “Halfway be active in the energy field of Robert”. Then he will be on time.
Not working ?
Even after chanting the right switch words for one or two days, if you don’t find any result, then add the switch word “RELEASE RESISTANCE” to your switch word(s).
For example, if you had been chanting “ON” and it hasn’t worked for you, even though it was the right one, then ““RELEASE RESISTANCE ON” would work for you. The “RELEASE RESISTANCE” switch words remove the resistance inside us that stops us from achieving our goal.
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