Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tubelight : Faith can move mountains

Tubelight is a film which everyone should watch.
1. Most of the people are now depressed.
2. People are more practical than they should be.
3. Mind has taken over the heart and Soul consciousness.
4. We think we are just bodies which is matter.
5. We are slaves of materialistic desires.

Good things to learn:
1. It is a positive film which ask one to believe in oneself.
2. We should be more connected to our heart than to our minds.
3. Soul consciousness is the greatest things which all great people have.
4. We are energy form not matter. We all are interconnected that's why Tubelight asks the bottle to move and bottle moved. He asked the mountain to move and mountain moved. He asked the war to end, war ended and lastly he asked his brother to come back, he comes back.
5. People who believe in science and mind theory will never like this film but people who are soul conscious will love the film. You have to decide whether you are a lower category person or a high category soul.
Decision is yours.

Thank you Salman Khan and Kabir Khan for adapting A Little Boy story and making Tubelight. It's a great film and people will thank you for making this film. And off course China will give you an earnings of Rs.1000 crore that's my YAKEEN.



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