Thursday, July 6, 2017

What I am doing here? Jeet Lo Marathon movie

I always ask this question to me and gets a variety of answers.
I feel I am fooilng myself to think that I can change the world by my actions.
I made this film called Jeet Lo Marathon (Win Marathon), thinking that this movie people will watch and get the purpose of their life. But I guess I am imposing my thoughts on to them. May be some of the people can change but most can neglect it.
Recently I went to Cannes Film Festival thinking that I will get a good welcome and my movie will become a say in the film Market. But it didn't happened, because media didn't put attention on our film. Then I organised a Marathon to get the attention of people on our movie but only 85 people came as they were busy attending Big Brands Run on the same day.
Although I got offers from countries like France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa and USA who are paying me nothing but want all the rights in their territory.
I even gave them the film but nothing still happens.
What I am doing investing all my income and savings into the movie. I know our movie is very good. But Distribution people want investment from me for Promotion n release. At present, I don't have money to do so. I tried my all bit but nothing is working.
I sat long hours talking to God, listening audio books like Conversation with God, Speech of Sandeep Maheshwari, doing meditation and sorts of things but no result so far. Should I stop and release the movie on YouTube or wait for the magic.
No answer is coming. I am stressed out and want to get over this film and start new project.
My team has left me and are busy in their ventures they don't have any hope.
Should I stop or continue my journey. Sometimes I ask God and he replies that what you create is your reality, there is no magic or co incidence. You have to carve your own way.
But frankly speaking, in Cannes film festival, I saw the real side of world cinema. I saw actresses having their evening gowns in their hands after the red carpet. They came there only for the photos to be taken by media. Many of them have their own rented photographers who were taking Euro 100 for pictures n videos. Actress and actor were buying pictures and sending the same to their PR Managers to publish in their countries newspapers.
Everything was like a step.
I found that place as a fake place. Nothing was true. It was a big set up and people who don't stay there for the whole Festival will never understand that. I know a lot of you must be feeling what the hell this guy is talking.
But that's the truth I have seen. Your truth would be different if you were WILL SMITH.
Now what should I do.
Someone asked me to send my film in various other Festivals. I did the same. I circulated USD 50 each for 28 Festivals around the world. But will it work. No one knows. And why I am expecting something when God says you create your own reality.
I made the film for my satisfaction, nobody was asking me to do so. It was I who wanted to direct a film, it was I who wanted to act. Then why should I ask people to come and watch the film. If they will want they will come, if not I can't do anything else.
But I guess I should continue striving because stopping is like a death and I am still alive.
Let's the magic happens, because it's only me who can bring the magic. And I am going to do that.
Jeet Lo Marathon will be great hit which the whole world will watch.
Be prepared for an extravaganza you have never dreamed.

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