Friday, January 19, 2018

Film Piracy in India

Before starting the subject I would let you all know how a film gets made.
1. Cost of Production - This means a certain budget is being allotted to the production team to complete a movie. This includes pre production, Production and post production. This amount is spent by a person or an entity named Producer or a Production company.

2. Advertising and Promotion - A certain amount of money is spent to let the viewers know about the film.
This includes high Print Publicity, High Song or trailer promotion on TV, Boosting of YouTube videos by paying a desirable amount, Social Media publicity, SMS, Email Marketing.

3. Distribution - Producers have to pay atleast Rs.20000 for week to get shows in theatres. This means if a movie is released in 1000 theatres than a producer have to pay Rs.20000 *1000= RS.2 Cr

Now come to income from the film
1. Theatrical
2. Television
3. Video on Demand like Netflix, Amazon, Hooq, etc
4. DVDs etc

The film gets a maximum money from Theatres, then comes TV and sometimes nowadays Netflix more than TV.

Now we return back to Film Piracy thing.
If a person is now getting a just released movie on mobile than why will he watch the film on TV or Theatre. The film is absolutely free for him. In India, there is no man or woman who do not watch films. However, the younger generation is more film prone than the older people. People select film according to the star cast and book their tickets in advance for certain films and choose some films to watch on TV later. But usually all Indians watch movie on one format or other.

For a producer tonmake another movie he needs to cycle the money. So he has to sell the movie to VoD, TV and most of the times in theatres in very cheap cost. Most of the times, they do not recover their Cost of Production also.

The reason why they don't get money from Distributers is just because people don't come to watch movies because they get movies on mobile.

When will our country make a law where people should be debited the amount of money from their mobile network providers for watching the movie illegally.
People even don't known that they are doing the crime. Because they don't know about it.
There should be a video placed before each movie screening that watching a movie on mobile is crime. And severe punishment should be given.

A law is still waiting for such crimes.



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