Sunday, May 13, 2018


Jeet Lo Marathon movie songs are released under the label Soulandhearts Music. from Switzerland have made 250 shops available all around the globe for purchase, stream and download the music.

Song 1:  Rahiman
Lyricist - Sant Rahim Das
Music Director - Harindu

It is the most beautiful song of the movie. It has sufi feel. The song says that True Love is so difficult as it is like running through a jungle on fire. Beautifully pictured in locations of Mauritius. Must for intellectuals.

Song 2: Bepanah Mohhabat
Lyricist - Sawan Kumar Shukla
Music Director; Harindu

Trending as number one song of this album. Beautifully sung by Shubhankar. The song is pictured on Ankita Bahuguna and Aryan. It is soulful call of a lover to its beloved.

Song 3: Chule Aasman
Lyricist - Bhagyesh RD
Music Director - Veer and Dhawal Pandya

A motivational song sung by Veer Pandya has beautiful lyriscist. Surely, the most motivational song ever. Would be heard on TV shows in future.

Song 4; Hero
Lyricist - Aryan
Music Director - Harindu

It says all about achieving something in life. Everyone in this world needs to hear this song.

Song 5: Heera ho toh Poem
Lyricist - Aryan
Composer - Harindu

A challenging song. It will make your heart positive. It says if you are a Hero, you have to prove that you are a Hero.

Overall 5 star rating
A must for all especially young people who are confused and don't know what to do.

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