Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Jeet Lo Marathon Movie songs review

Recently I was hearing songs of an Indian upcoming movie named "Jeet Lo Marathon", which means Win a Marathon. I find all songs soothing and melodious. They lyrics were so inspiring that one will get motivated to explore new horizons in one's life. I recommend you to hear it's songs on YouTube, Yandex music, Saavn, Amazon Prime Music, Apple iTunes, etc.

Song 1: Touch the sky ( Chule Aasman )
Means to touch the sky. The lyricist is asking one to Colorado the sky in one's own colors. It says once you open your arms you can become a 🐦 bird and fly in your own way.
I was curious who this lyricist. And it was an Indian named Bhayesh RD.

Song 2: Spiritual ( Rahiman )
After a longtime I was hearing a spiritual song. The songs says that true love is like a horse crossing a burning forest. It takes dare to love someone truly. Everyone craves for love but no-one understands the true meaning of love. I guess one who listens the song will understand that.

Song 3: Irresistable Love ( Bepanah Mohabbat )
It is a simple song which is a romantic song. One who are just now fallen in love will hum it day and night. Simple lyrics by Sawan Shukla and simple message is conveyed by him.

Song 4: Hero song
Never ever such a gallant song has been pened down by an song writer. Such greatness in the mood of the song. One will cherish the song for ever. It is a song which will make a sad person a highly motivated person. Amazing song.

Song 5: Hero Poem
Some brilliant words in the poem have been beautifully narrated by Amit Dwivedi who is an anchor in radio FM. Good words written.

After hearing the song I googled the film Jeet Lo Marathon. I came to know that there is a book of the same name and is available all over the world on Amazon. Along with that a movie is also there and it was screened in Cannes Film Festival, France and also got the Semi Finalist position in Kyiv Film Festival, Ukraine. The film is being invited at Milano International Film Festival, Italy.

Also there is website http://www.marathonthefilm.in

And YouTube have various videos about the filmmaker. Search yourself.



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