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The concept of soulmate is entirely different.  Before marrying how many seekers are asking God to show his/her life companion?  Very few.  So, we are depending on our  self will or freewill.  Generally people are marrying a person chosen by either parents or relatives or recommended by friends or by involving in love affairs.
But in case of spiritual life companion or Soulmate .. spiritually speaking .. will be chosen by God alone, will intimate during deeper meditations by way of God guided intuitive instruction. In such cases it is divine will.  Those who receive such divine instructions have to follow the said intuition otherwise the receiver may face some unwanted consequences for not implementing the said divine will.
You might have been observed  a special prayer ..  How to Pray to find your Soulmate .. in white light kriya yoga.  If the seeker is going on to pray to God basing on  his/her devotion during the meditation, the said seeker will receive divine instructions  and can visualize  soulmate also. 
I know it practically,  many pyramid meditators selected their life companions and spotted them during their deeper meditations.  The said persons may not be belonged to the same religion, same status, same religion, same caste etc.  How God will select nobody knows.
In such selection, once the seeker spotted his/her soulmate, if they don't have pre set of conditions within the mind, they can experience the abnormal joy within.
Once the seeker spotted his/her soulmate, or received any divine instruction during deeper meditations, it is better to inform to his/her parents in advance, so that they will not have any problem in married life or to get married also. The hidden essence is the seeker's spiritual magnetism attracts his/her spiritual life companion.
Yogananda discussed about this concept but YSS/SRF monks misinterpreted it, confusing the seekers without understanding the difference between divine will and freewill.
The soulmates chosen by God will never divide, they are taking birth on this earth to perfect their human love into divine love, to continue the same cordial relations life after life.
Some regresees revealed a lot in  "Destiny of Souls"  on soulmates.  One couple is maintaining same cordial marital relations for the past 7000 years,  I think.
In Destiny of  Souls ..
Between the first and second council meetings is a period of renewal for the soul. As ethereal beings, our growth actually began in the mental realm of the spirit world with other souls before any of us incarnated. So while our internal being is uniquely individual, a vital part of spiritual life between incarnations is devoted to empathetic relationships with other souls. Thus, our development as souls becomes a collective one. Part of the expression of this collectivity is the association we have with these souls in a material reality, such as Earth.

During reincarnation, the closeness souls feel for each other in a mental setting is severely tested by karmic challenges in our host bodiesThis interruption of a blissful mental existence is one means by which spiritual masters expand our consciousness.

I have listened to many intriguing past life love stories of soulmates who come across time and space to meet each other in life once again. Here are a few examples:
Past life age regression produces interesting information about coupling, but placing these clients between their lives provides them with far more perspective on these relationships.

There are many tests wrapped in the package of love. Mixed into those lives where we have had a long and happy life with a soulmate are  those lives where we have destroyed the relationship or been devastated by the actions of our soulmate toward us. In the difficult lives with soulmates something stood in the way of an acceptance of love. Being with soulmates can bring joy and  pain, but we learn from both. Always, there are karmic reasons behind the serious events involving relationships in our lives  ...

...  A primary, or principal soulmate is frequently in our life as a closely bonded partner.This partnership may be our spouse, brother or sister, a best friend, or occasionally a parent. No other soul is more important to us than a primary soulmate and when my subjects describe lives with these souls as their mates most will say their existence is enriched beyond measure.

One of the greatest motivations for souls to incarnate is the opportunity for expression in physical form. This is certainly an attraction for primary soulmates.
There is always a mental connection of one sort or another with a soulmate, regardless of the role they play. We connect with people on many levels for a multitude of karmic lessons in every life. When  friendship catches fire it turns to love, but without abiding friendship deep love cannot thrive. ...

On the other hand, there may be reasons why we might not meet our primary soulmate until later in life. Soulmates will from time to time separate for a life or two and not appear at all.

 "My soulmate and I were becoming too dependent upon each other, we needed to grow a while on our own" is a statement I often hear when soulmates are apart.

Every era on Earth is different as to the sort of attachment and experience we will have with a soulmate. However, each life with them builds upon former lives. We learn valuable lessons from broken relationships. The important thing is to move on in life.

Some clients may tell me before their session  that true love seems to elude them. After the session they usually understand the reasons behind this situation. If the right love for you does not come along, liberate yourself with the understanding that you may be here to learn other lessons.We mistakenly assume people who choose to live alone are lonely when actually they have rich lives that are calm, reflective and productive.

Connecting with someone for whom you have no feelings just for the sake of not being alone is more lonely than being by yourself. As the song says, "Falling in love with love is falling for make-believe." This kind of love is a fantasy because it's driven by an addiction to have love at any price. If your soulmate is supposed to appear they will come into your life, often when you least expect it.   ..

An example ..  
Maureen and Dale learned that they were born only a few months apart fifty years ago in an area around San Francisco. They talked about their unsuccessful marriages and a mutual feeling of unexplained sadness about seeking something neither had ever found that would open their hearts. Their conversations mostly centered around life after death  and Dale mentioned reading my work. Soon, the two decided to meet each other in California and see me for a combined regression session at the same time.

I agreed to an appointment date that turned out to be the day after they first met. They arrived at my office starry-eyed and I remarked that they were already in a trance state and didn't need me.

The moment they saw each other there was instant recognition. Maureen said, "The way we smiled at each other—the expression in our eyes— the sound of our laughter together—the connecting vibrations as we shook hands—created a euphoria that was so strong we were oblivious to everything going on around us."   ...

The advantages of this hypnosis technique are many, including learning if any disrupting body imprints from the last life have been carried forward into the client's current physical body.     ...

These soulmates both knew going into their current life that conditions would not be right for their meeting until many years had passed. Dale especially needed to feel the frustration of years of longing for the right woman to come along. He is not a careless, irresponsible man today. Samantha/Maurcen also required the maturity she did not yet possess in her relationship with Rick in the 1920s.    ....

Soulmates for the past 7000 years.

We can see that Ruth's primary soulmate in this life is her husbandIn Ruth's last life, this soul was her best friend, and in the life before, her wife when she was a male in the eighteenth century. Ruth's primary soulmate has a halo color tinted with  protective yellow while Ruth's own halo is a mixture of white and blue tints, indicating clarity and love of learning.

 These primary soulmates have mated on a fairly regular basis for some   7,000 years   since their first life together. Besides the companion souls in Ruth's soul group, I have also shown two affiliated souls from a nearby group. These souls are my subject's current father and motherThe roles they played in the nineteenth century were her grandmother and grandfather respectively.

In the eighteenth century, these same two souls were Ruth's aunt and uncle. Ruth's chart represents one typical client. Every soul group has its own subtle variations of human family preferences.1 had a client the same  week I saw Ruth who is extremely close to her mother. The mother's soul was a member of that client's soul group and was her sister in the life before.

Grandparents often have a great influence in our early lives as nonjudgmental confidants. I often find that a favorite grandparent in this life was a sibling or best friend in a former life. The social dynamics of intimate human contact are so powerful that in most of my cases the roles souls play in our lives and we in theirs directly bear on a group's karmic lessons.

When we are hurt by someone close to us in life, or caused them hurt resulting in alienation and separation, it is because they volunteered to teach us lessons of some sort while learning lessons themselves.

If the soulmates selected by God means as per the divine will they are uniting on this earth.  God is the decision maker but not human beings or any Master.  The Masters those who has divine vision can give clues.  Those who are capable to visualize can spot their soulmate in his/her deeper meditations.

Once you spotted your soulmate, use commonsense and apporpriate communication to share your visions and divine instruction received from God.

If the vision is true and genuine, the said soulmates will definitely meet and recognize each other.  When they will meet?  When they will marry?  are depending on circumstances, opportunities proper guidance, ability to open the heart before each other and appropriate communication between each other and families.

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