Monday, July 16, 2012


 God gifted you with what you have for a reason. A reason only known to you in the deepest place of your heart and soul. Only you know the truth! Only you have the power to make that truth a reality. Only you can stand from the mountain top and share YOUR voice with the world. Only you have the power to move mountains with a simple act of faith. It is in your destiny, it is who you are, it is what you were born to do. Do not run away from your conscience. Do not run away from what you know to be true for your purpose! Stand tall and proud even in the face of great struggle, even in the face of frustration and doubt! This is your moment and your time to make the difference that makes the meaning in your life and others. Be proud of who you are, the mistakes and the successes. Be strong with who you know yourself to be. And if you subscribe to these principles, If you pay attention to your unshakeable inner voice, If you accept the god given talents that you have....miracles will happen my friend. The skies will open up, the sunlight will bear it's sweet warmth on your destiny. And your time will be revealed. Your destiny will be uncovered once and for all with a light so bright that no possible situation, circumstance, person, or event will be able to keep you Down. You will rise to the mountain tops, roar with the lions and fly with the eagles. You my friend are one of the great creators on this planet. DONT EVER STOP. Don't ever give up on your dreams, ambitions, and worldly endeavors. Speak for what you believe in, stand for what you stand for, love for what you love, and be EXACTLY who you were mean't to be. You are my hero. You have what all of us have but none of us have... A gift that is unique to you. Use it wisely. Use it with discernment. Choose with honor and with grace! I stand here with you in complete admiration of your gifts because I see the impact that you're already having on the world, just by being you. I'm proud of you my friend. Real proud. ....


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