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Why Twin Flames Run...

Why Twin Flames Run...


There are many reasons why twin flames and other soul mates run from the connection, from each other, from love. When they first meet their souls alight in the flames of Love. But then comes the troubles, the conflicts, the arguements, the hot/cold behaviour, the confusion, the feelings of "craziness"... the list goes on. But why does this happen? Why, when there is so much love, is there so much conflict and "running"?

Let me first explain that this is a SOUL connection and our souls are made from pure love. Think about it for a second, our souls ARE love, in it's purest form. Our souls are so eager to reconnect us with our twin flames and soul mates in the physical, you'd think it would be simple. But no, there are many lessons to learn, many tests to take before we can fully unite with our twin flames and soul mates. Please be aware that not all twin flames and soul mates are destined to be together in the physical though. Some just come into our lives to help us learn lessons for our own personal growth.

One of the main reasons why many twin souls and soul mates run from the connection is because of ego and all the preconceptions we have about the way we think and are taught love "should be". But this is soul love and therefore it doesn't fit into the earthly creations of romantic relationships - it goes far beyond that, therefore it is impossible to try and limit the love by forcing it into a purely romantic setting. Sometimes the souls love each other unconditionally but the human aspects get in the way of unconditional love. The soul loves unconditionally and until we enter more into our soul-consciousness, our human characters may well keep repelling us if we let ego take a hold too much. But again, I stress, sometimes we aren't supposed to have a harmonious connection even with our twin souls. Twin souls cans sometimes just be purely about learning tough lessons too. They are a part of us incarnated into another body at the same time, therefore the lessons will always be about self and accepting self, not romantic love.

Twin flames and often soul mates are reflections of each other, of Self, so they show us everything about ourselves that we are not loving, accepting and what needs healing. When these inner blocks still remain, they will continue to be reflected between the twins and yet again it will repell them to go their separate ways again until we look inwards and heal inwards individually. Sometimes we are meant to go our separate ways though if that's what our path has in store for us... often so we can meet more suitable and compatible soul mates on the human level. Often twinsouls and soulmates run because there are parts of themselves they are not loving or accepting and they can't handle seeing these things illuminated through the connection. They don't feel good enough and are afraid that if they get close, the other twinsoul / soulmate will see these parts of themselves they are trying to deny and reject them. This rejection, they believe, would crush them and "prove" to them the very things they detest about themselves to be correct. They run from their own fears about themselves.

Often this is subconscious though, and the twinsouls and soul mates point their fingers at each other and blame the other for the breakdown of a physical relationship. But this has all been pre-determined by both twin flames / soul mates along with their Spirit Guides and Soul Family before they incarnate, to help them learn and grow the most. The physical separation forces the twin flames / soulmates to eventually look deeper within and awaken more to their soul-consciousness and realise that it is about healing the self.

Sometimes it takes time for twin flames and soul mates to trust in the love. It came about immediately and so intensely that often it goes beyond logic which we are taught to trust in rather than emotion and intuition. Many twinsouls / soul mates feel the transformatin happening within them, as they awaken more and more to their soul-consciousness, but try to fight it because they are afraid of the unknown. They are happy at how, in the past, they had made sense of the world - it fits into most other people's views too. They wonder how they could survive if they suddenly allowed themselves to trust in intuition and soul and spirituality. Won't people think they are mad? Won't they lose friends and even family? What if they are married, won't their husbands/wives think them mad or bad? They feel so alone, so confused and think they are mad. So they run, to save themselves the trouble and fear of losing their grip of reality.

But as they run from the connection, the mirror image of themselves, they begin to lose themselves, close their heart, become numb, depressed, lost. But on the surface they try to make out everything is fine, they are desperate to make everything fine and "normal" again because they fear they are weak to believe in this, especially when they think the twin flame / soulmate has hurt them so much. They cannot yet see that it is their own inner hurt, their own inner rejection that has caused so much pain. But their inner numbness becomes very frightening, their depression very real. People can see they are changing but they cannot tell them why - no-one would understand.

So they begin to feel more and more alone and they are pushed deeper into themselves, into their painful emotions. But eventually the fear of losing themselves will become bigger than the fear of facing upto their inner issues. Sometimes twin flames and soul mates need to feel the deepest depths of despair before they accept there is another way into love, into freedom, into happiness. But the Path leading to that can be very rocky and will be for a reason, to help them trust in themselves more and come back to Self-Love to be reflected back between the twin soul / soulmates so Reunion can occur either with that person or with themselves (or both). 

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