Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Man and woman age gap a necessity or myth

Our society always defines age. Parameters for man woman relationship. Do you think that it is right to spread this message in our society? I don't think so because I believe that instead of concentrating on age gaps, one should concentrate on love between the two. Love should be the real parameters for any relationship. Because if love is not there than permutations and combinations of age gaps for a relationship is futile.

There is a myth in our younger generation especially girls that man should be of her age. But our forefathers always insisted for a gap of not less than 4 years and not more than 8 years. But in the recent times on evolution of love marriages such practices have been gone in history. 

So what was the reason for such age gaps. The main reasons are that a man becomes matured at later ages mostly after 28 years meanwhile girls attain maturity at lesser age. A girl of 20 years has a maturity of 24 years but a man of 28 has a maturity of 24 years only. For any relationship there should a mutual understanding and this comes from how one undertakes its responsibilities. A girl being closure to family understands the importance of family whereas a boy usually remains in friends understands tge need of family when he starts living alone. So for a marriage to be successful, our ancestors cling to this theory of age difference.

The younger generation wants everything quickly and they want man and woman of their ages. They think in short term. They think only about now.

There is one very important basis of successful marriage and that is romantic satisfactory physical love. A man in younger age is very anxious and usually fails in letting her woman gets orgasm. Whereas a man of ages understands woman much better and gives love to his woman both romantically and also physically for longer duration's  This is why in western countries woman prefer an older man. There are many other reasons like a man of 30's or 40's have usually seen life, would have a good house and good salary, so basic necessities of life would not be the issue and he would have time to share with his wife. But when a woman marries a man of younger age. This man is usually busy in making money, deducting salary for home loan installments and car loan repayments. So this man's focus is money and stability in life. Love is still not his priority. For a woman love is first priority. She lives for love of husband and family. She understands that living life in peace and harmony is far important than accumulating money. This lesson is learnt by man in much latter stage. So the relationship seldom goes smooth. 
Life becomes a dream when a man has good income and time to spend with his wife and both are equally happy in supporting each other and live life in complete freedom.

There is one more important reason why there should be a age gap. A man is sexually active till 60 years or more but a woman remain sexually active only upto 45 years or maximum upto 50 years. Since the man wants sex upto 60 years and when he will not get sexual satisfaction at home, he will look outward. And this leaves frustration to woman. 

So its better to maintain a good age difference to enjoy the bliss of perfect marriage.

Good Luck....whatever is the case give love without any condition to enjoy life.

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