Friday, January 11, 2013

Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind

YOU CAN GO ON STANDING ON YOUR HEAD FOR MANY more lifetimes... that has nothing to
do with it. To walk without feet you need not stand on your head. That has no relevance. It has no
To walk without feet and to fly without wings, you need not do any unnecessary things like standing
on your head. Standing on your head you will not even be able to walk with your feet – what to say
about walking without feet? Standing on your head you will not be able to walk at all. Standing on
your head you will be dead, you will not be alive.
When I say walk without feet, what am I saying? I am saying, first: learn how to walk with feet, and
then be very very watchful inside, be alert. Create a luminous consciousness. See who is walking
when you are walking. Are you really walking? You have come from England to India, or from Japan
to India – has anything really moved inside you? You have not walked. The body has been carried
from Japan to India, but your consciousness is the same.
You were a child; now you are a young man or an old man, you have walked a long way – but have
you really changed? Deep at the very core of your being you have not walked at all; there has been
no journey. You are exactly the same at the very core of your being.
Walking, if you watch, you will know there is no walking. Talking, if you watch, you will see there is
no talking. Thinking, if you watch, you will see there is no thinking. The deepest core of your being
remains untouched, untouchable. It is a lotus in the water – remains in the water but untouched.
Knowing that witness is what I mean...
I am not teaching you some circus tricks here – that you can fly, so stand on your head.
A circus manager was interviewing people for jobs in his circus. By the end of the day he had hired
very few and turned down many, while getting very bored with all their tricks. As he was ready to
leave his office, a man walked in and said, ”I would like to get a job in your circus.”

Without giving him a glance, the manager asked, ”And what can you do?”
”I can fly like a bird,” said the man.
”Sorry, we have no need for that, and all jobs are taken,” said the manager.
”Oh well,” said the man, disappointed – and flew out of the window.
But, Parinirvana, I am not teaching those tricks here. You have to drop all tricks – these are all tricks!
People become very much interested, because ego feels very much fulfilled if you can do something
which nobody else can do: if you can walk without feet, if you can fly without wings, you will feel
greatly happy – although you have not achieved anything! Stupid birds are flying, so what have you
achieved? There is no achievement in it.
It happened: a man came to Ramakrishna, and he was very haughty and very arrogant, and he
said, ”Do you know? – I can walk on the river.” They were sitting on the bank of the Ganges in
Dakshineshwar. Ramakrishna laughed. He was a very very innocent man. He said, ”You can walk
on the river?”
And the man said, ”Yes.”
And Ramakrishna said, ”How many years did it take you to learn the trick?”
He said, ”Eighteen years.”
Ramakrishna laughed; said, ”You fool – eighteen years?! When I want to go to the other side, just
two paise... something worth two paise – eighteen years?! I have never come across such a fool,”
he said. ”You have wasted your life! I just go by the ferryboat. There is no need...!”
But these things attract; the mind becomes very much interested if something miraculous can
happen to you. And miracles are happening continuously, but you don’t see them – that you are
breathing, that you are alive, that you are loving, that you are seeing the sunrays, the sky, that the
world is such a benediction. Miracles are happening every moment! But you would like to fly like a
stupid bird, and then you will feel very good that you have become a great yogi or something.
Remember: be ordinary; don’t try to be special in any way, otherwise you will be moving in a wrong
direction. To be special means to be egoistic, and ego is the only Problem. There is no other
problem. Forget about being special. Just be ordinary. And there is great joy in being ordinary. Just
be human.
And by being ordinary you will come to know – you will know the art of walking without feet and flying
without wings. That art simply means that ”I am not the doer. I have relaxed. Now God walks in me,
God talks in me, God loves through me, but I am a hollow bamboo. I have no special goal in life –
His goal is my goal. And if He has no goals, I am perfectly happy with no goal. I am flowing with the
river. Wherever it leads, that is my home – if it leads anywhere. If it doesn’t lead anywhere, then that
is my home.”

This is relaxation. And to relax in reality is to attain, is to be enlightened. Enlightenment is an utter

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