Sunday, January 27, 2013

WHY We expect from others?

Have you ever thought why we expect from others?

Yes as a human being we all expect from others. This phenomenon starts from our childhood days. When we are a baby, we depend uopn mother to feed milk. Then we grow up depending upon father, mother and elders about our small small things. In this process, we never realize that we are learning to depend upon others and this leads us to expect from others. We all are dependents. We depend on our school image to get an admission to a degree college or university. We depend upon our university degree to get a job. We need our job experience to get another job. We become dependent upon our past deeds. We depend upon our seniors to take decisions. We depend upon our juniors for product sale. We become dependent beings and in ultimately we start expecting things from others.

Expectations makes outer world more important. The external environment becomes the prime focus. And here we unconsciously make mistake. Our happiness is from outer world. Atleast we think like this. And we become prisoner of external world. For example, we think that we need a car to travel, we need a furnished home, we need a loving girlfriend or boyfriend, we need a high paying job, we need a world tour, etc etc. We always need. We always need external things for our happiness. But these things gives us momentary happiness. This happiness will give us joy only for a limited time and that too to our ego self.

We always do things what others want from us. We ignore what we want. We ignore our inter world. we ignore our internal desire. We ignore our soul true purpose. We ignore our inner joy. We ignore our true happiness.

Inner joy is the sole requirement of our true self. Unless we will find our inner desire we will be unable to satisfy our true self. Inner joy is the true self. And we align ourselves to our inner joy, we align ourselves to the universal energy called God. God is nothing but our inner alignment to our true self. When we know where our true joy belongs, we become close to GOD. We remain happy always because we know what is our inner need, where we find true happiness, where our true self belongs.

We have to understand that we have external world and internal world. Those who prefer internal world remains happy forever and those who prefer external world always remain unhappy.

So find your true urge and find your true joy.

Expectations give us nothing but takes up everything. Instead of asking start giving. Give more money to get more money. Give more love to get more love. Give more to your work and get more profitability.

We are souls and we are here to find our true purpose. When we find this purpose, we become happy forever.

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