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50 things to make your relationship stronger

50 Things To Make Your Relationship Stronger
Being in a relationship means you have to give and take. It’s important to learn the things that can make your relationship stronger so you can grow together. There are 50 things to make your relationship stronger that you should follow!

#1. Communication
You’re going to hear this time and again from every person in a long term relationship. If you cannot openly communicate your fears, values, issues or anything else with your partner, it’s just not going to last.
#2. Honesty
This is another common piece of advice you will hear quite often. Being honest about everything will lead to a close bond and overall relationship.
#3. Listen
While communication is important, so is listening! Sometimes it’s best to just be quiet and hear what the other person has to say.
#4. Compliments
Everyone likes to hear that they look good. Giving your partner a compliment out of the blue will make them feel great and know you think they are attractive no matter how long you’ve been together.
#5. Talk when something is bothering you
Instead of keeping your emotions bottled up, talk about things that are bothering you. This includes small things you might not thing are that important!
#6. Hold hands
Even something simple like holding hands can give you both a bond that draws you close together.
#7. Learn how to fight
This might sound odd, but it’s important! Instead of blowing up while you are fighting, consider if you are wrong. Calm down and rationalize the situation before you yell.
#8. Share your dreams
By sharing your dreams for the future, you can build one together!
#9. Be romantic every day
Romance isn’t only for Valentine’s Day. Show romantic gestures each day, like making a nice dinner or going out for a movie.
#10. Forgive
Don’t hold pent up aggression for past experiences. Forgive and go on with your relationship.
#11. Ask questions
The better you know your partner the more you will get along. This can even be something simple like not leaving dirty dishes in the sink because they don’t like it.
#12. Be intimate
Take time to cuddle in the bedroom and be romantic. This doesn’t have to be only sexual.
#13. Take time to be together
No matter how much work you have you need to be together and connect. Go out and do things together as a couple so you can create new memories.
#14. Try new hobbies
If you are getting used to movie nights at home, try new things! Go skating or biking together for something new and exciting.
#15. Do the dishes
This might be a small gesture to you, but it could be huge in the eyes of your partner! Do something that they will appreciate.
#16. Compromise
Whenever you don’t agree, compromise on solutions that you both agree on.
#17. Kiss!
Kiss each day; this is something that easily can bring you closer.
#18. Go on dates
Try to go on dates together as a couple like you did before things got serious. This will get you out of the house and having fun.
#19. Make love more often
If you have not been making love a lot, make time for it. Everyone needs sexual chemistry for a strong relationship.
#20. Spice things up in the bedroom
Buy some romantic lingerie or use some toys. New things can really spice up a relationship.
#21. Respect
Each of you needs to hold respect for one another in order to commit.
#22. Commit
If you aren’t yet married, commit to each other and make it known. This will clear up questions of where the relationship is going.
#23. Give attention
This could be something as simple as a text or phone call during the day.
#24. Be yourself
Your partner shouldn’t fall in love with someone you aren’t. Be yourself and allow them to accept you for who you are.
#25. Laugh
Laugh together and just have fun! Life doesn’t have to be so serious.
#26. Give reasons you love them each day
Telling your partner one reason each day for why you love them can make them feel really special. They should give you reasons as well!
#27. Take relationship classes
There’s no shame in taking counseling or relationship classes. These are full of great information and can create a strong bond.
#28. Don’t fight easily
Getting in a lot of fights daily is going to wear anyone down. Choose fights wisely and try to talk things out instead of getting mad.
#29. Be loyal
Stay committed to that person; don’t cheat either emotionally or physically.
#30. Care
Showing you care is important for any situation you go through in life with your partner. Don’t be cold no matter what!
#31. Celebrate
Celebrate the important days like birthdays and anniversaries!
#32. Talk about important issues
Don’t just assume what the other person things, talk about the important things. This will make sure you are both on the same page.
#33. Don’t nag
Women shouldn’t do this but neither should men! This will just annoy each person on a daily basis.
#34. Apologize
If you do or say something wrong, apologize and ask for forgiveness.
#35. Accept
Accept your partner for the way they are and don’t try to change them!
#36. Flirt with each other
Flirting is something that can make you both weak in the knees!
#37. Look good
If you look good and the way your partner likes, they are going to stay attracted to you.
#38. Be confident
Both of you should be confident; nobody wants to hear their partner talk bad about themselves.
#39. Consider them in decisions
Realize that there are two of you when you make decisions, not just you!
#40. Support
Support each other’s dreams for the future and encourage them.
#41. Trust
Both of you needs to be able to trust each other 100%.
#42. Independence
Do things with your separate groups of friends. This will give you both independence so you don’t feel smothered.
#43. Create goals
Create goals you can both work towards, like getting married or buying a home. You could even take dancing or cooking classes!
#44. Create excitement
Don’t be boring, try new things and do something fun every once in a while. Step out of your comfort zone!
#45. Take trips
Go on vacation, even if it’s not that far away so you can experience new things.
#46. Surprise
Have fun surprises, like leaving a note on the bed.
#47. Create space
Do something on your own so you can get in touch with yourself.
#48. Work on jealousy
Nobody likes to be in a relationship with someone who is jealous. Communication should make it easier to trust each other.
#49. Nurture each other
Taking care of each other is important and will lead to a strong foundation.
#50. Reflect
Reflect on where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. This can help you build strength during tough times.


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