Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Are a Perfect Yet Expanding Being


You Are a Perfect Yet Expanding Being, in a Perfect Yet Expanding World, in a
Perfect Yet Expanding Universe

It is important that you know these things:

• You are a physical extension of Source Energy.

• The physical world you live in provides a perfect environment in which to create.

• The variety that exists helps you focus your own personal desires or preferences.

• When a desire is focused within you, the summoning of Creative Life Force immediately begins to flow
toward your desire—and the Universe expands. And that is good.

• Your conscious realization of the Creative Process is not necessary in order for it to continue.

• The Leading-Edge environment that you are physically focused in will continue to stimulate new desires
in all who participate.

• Every desire or preference, no matter how large or small it may seem to you, is understood and
answered by All-That-Is.

• As every desire from every perceiver is answered, the Universe expands.

• As the Universe expands, the variety expands.

• As the variety expands, your experience expands.

• As your experience expands, your desire expands.

• As your desire expands, the answering of your desire expands.

• And the Universe expands—and that is good. In fact, it is perfect.

• You live in an eternally expanding environment, which constantly causes newly focused desires within
you, which Source immediately and always answers.

• With each receiving of that which you are asking for, you achieve a new vantage point from which you
spontaneously ask again.

• And so, the expansion of the Universe and your personal expansion will always be as follows:

— You live in an expanding Universe.

— You live in an expanding physical world.

— You are an expanding Being.

— And all of this is, whether you consciously understand it or not.

— This Universe is eternally expanding, and so are you.

— And that is good.

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