Monday, February 18, 2013

You Get What You Think About, Whether You Want It or Not


By the powerful Universal Law of Attraction, you draw to you the essence of whatever you are
predominantly thinking about. So if you are dominantly thinking about the things that you desire, your life
experience reflects those things. And, in the same way, if you are predomimantly thinking about what you
do not want, your life experience reflects those things.
Whatever you are thinking about is like planning a future event. When you are appreciating, you are
planning. When you are worrying, you are planning. (Worrying is using your imagination to create
something you do not want.)
Even thought, every idea, every Being every thing, is vibrational, to when you focus your attention on
something, even for a short period of time, the vibration of your Being begins to reflect the vibration of
that which you are giving your attention to. The more you think about it, the more you vibrate like it; the
more you vibrate like it, the more of that which is like it is attracted to you. That trend of attraction will
continue to increase until a different vibration is offered by you. And when a different vibration is
offered, things that match that vibration are then drawn to you, by you.
When you understand the Law of Attraction, you are never surprised by what occurs in your experience,
for you understand that you have invited every bit of it in—through your own thought process. Nothing can
occur in your life experience without your invitation of it through your thought.
Because there are no exceptions to the powerful Law of Attraction, a thorough understanding of it is easy
to achieve. And once you understand that you get what you think about, and, equally important, when
you are aware of what you are thinking, then you are in the position to exercise absolute control of your
own experience.

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