Sunday, March 24, 2013

Secrets of Change and Motivation

The first and most important one is that our
unconscious minds are servo-mechanisms.

Just like a thermostat operates by keeping the
temperature between a pre-defined range, our minds
are constantly operating in the background to make
sure that we are within our predefined settings.

Our predefined financial settings
Our predefined emotional settings
Our predefined weight settings
and every other aspect of your life.

Think about this.

Have you ever noticed that your weight stays
in a certain range, same with your income,
and your habits.

There may be temporary changes, but more
often than not, things return to how they were.

But you can change this.
You just have to understand your mind a
little differently and change up your approach.

In order to create real change you need
to "reset" your unconscious settings.

Now the next thing I learned about motivation
and change is that people often sabotage themselves
by concentrating on what they don't want to be.

How does telling yourself to stop being a dumb
lazy slob who over eats and fails at everything,
make you feel?

Do you feel motivated?

It's much different when you say:
"I love myself and I want to eat fresh foods
and move more, so that I have the energy to
generate a boat load of money and do what I want."

Notice the difference in feelings.

In order to create real change you need
to know exactly what you want to experience.
Now getting back to the question,
why hypnotic goal setting?

The reason is simple. The success you
experience setting goals, is directly
related to your attitude while you're doing it.

In my new Dream setting Seminar the first
thing you're going to do is feel incredible.

Once you feel incredible you're going to be
amazed at how different your thinking becomes.

And now it becomes easy to identify clearly what
your dreams are. What you want to experience in
life and who you want to experience it with.

Remember those times when you really felt like
you were on a roll, how the ideas just kept flowing.
And when you feel this way it is simple to create
a plan that works.

Once you have a plan you're ready for the fun part.
Because now you can install your new dreams
into your unconscious mind, so that they begin to
manifest themselves automatically in your life.

Does this sound exciting?

There are moments in life when everything can
change. It always starts with a decision.
Stay blissful in ur moment at d moment

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