Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Self I-Dentity Ho’oponopono

I got the idea a few months back of a “talking” glossary of the essential
“characters” in Self I-Dentity Ho’oponopono. You can get acquainted with
each of them at your leisure.

Self I-Dentity: I am Self I-Dentity. I am composed of four elements: Divine Intelligence,
Superconscious Mind, Conscious Mind, and Subconscious Mind. My
foundation, Void and Infinite, is an exact replication of Divine Intelligence.
Divine Intelligence: I am Divine Intelligence. I am the Infinite. I create Self I-Dentities
and Inspirations. I transmute memories to Void.

Superconscious Mind: I am Superconscious Mind. I oversee the Conscious
and Subconscious Minds. I review and make appropriate changes in the
Ho’oponopono petition to Divine Intelligence initiated by the Conscious Mind. I
am unaffected by memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind. I am always
one with Divine Creator.

Conscious Mind: I am Conscious Mind. I have the gift of choice. I can allow incessant
memories to dictate experience for the Subconscious Mind and me
or I can initiate the release of them through incessant Ho’oponopono. I can
petition for directions from Divine Intelligence.

Subconscious Mind: I am Subconscious Mind. I am the storehouse for all
of the accumulated memories from the beginning of creation. I am the
place where experiences are experienced as memories replaying or as Inspirations.
I am the place where the body and the world reside as memories
replaying and as Inspirations. I am the place where problems live as memories

Void: I am Void. I am the foundation of Self I-Dentity and the Cosmos. I am
where Inspirations spring forth from Divine Intelligence, the Infinite. Memories
replaying in the Subconscious Mind displace me but do not destroy me, precluding
the inflow of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence.

Infinite: I am Infinite, Divine Intelligence. Inspirations flow like fragile roses
from me into the Void of Self I-Dentity, easily displaced by the thorns of

Inspiration: I am Inspiration. I am a creation of the Infinite, of Divine Intelligence.
I manifest from the Void into the Subconscious Mind. I am experienced
as a brand-new occurrence.

Memory: I am memory. I am a record in the Subconscious Mind of a past experience.
When triggered, I replay past experiences.

Problem: I am problem. I am a memory replaying a past experience again in the
Subconscious Mind.

Experience: I am experience. I am the effect of memories replaying or Inspirations
in the Subconscious Mind.

Operating System: I am the operating system. I operate Self I-Dentity with
Void, Inspiration, and Memory.

Ho’oponopono: I am Ho’oponopono. I am an ancient Hawaiian problem solving
process updated for today’s use by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, Kahuna Lapa’au,
recognized as a Living Treasure of Hawaii in 1983. I am composed of
three elements: repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation. I am a petition
initiated by the Conscious Mind to Divine Intelligence to void memories to
reestablish Self I-Dentity. I begin in the Conscious Mind.

Repentance: I am repentance. I am the beginning of the Ho’oponopono
process initiated by the Conscious Mind as a petition to Divine Intelligence to
transmute memories to Void. With me, the Conscious Mind acknowledges its
responsibility for the memories replaying problems in its Subconscious Mind,
having created, accepted, and accumulated them.

Forgiveness: I am forgiveness. Along with Repentance, I am a petition from
the Conscious Mind to Divine Creator to transform memories in the Subconscious
Mind to Void. Not only is the Conscious Mind sorrowful, it is also asking
Divine Intelligence for forgiveness.

Transmutation: I am transmutation. Divine Intelligence uses me to neutralize
and to release memories to Void in the Subconscious Mind. I am available for
use only by Divine Intelligence.

Wealth: I am wealth. I am Self I-Dentity.

Poverty: I am poverty. I am memories replacing. I displace Self I-Dentity, precluding
the infusion of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence into the Subconscious

Before bringing this visit with you to an end, I would like to
mention that reading this appendix satisfies the prerequisite of attending
a Friday lecture if you are considering taking a Self I-Dentity
Ho’oponopono weekend class.
I wish you peace beyond all understanding.
O Ka Maluhia no me oe.
Peace be with you,
Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD
Chairman Emeritus
The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos


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