Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rocks or Light?

Rocks or Light?
By Alan Cohen

Your task is not to seek for love, but to find the barriers in yourself that you have built against it.
—A Course in Miracles

The Hawaiian spiritual tradition teaches that every child born into this world is like a “bowl of light” containing the radiance of heaven. If rocks are placed into the bowl, the light of original innocence is hidden. Fear, guilt, and unworthiness are some of the stones that mask our true brilliance. The more rocks in our bowl, the less light we shine. Angry, nasty, or irksome people have lots of rocks in their bowls, while radiant, happy, and joyful people have few.

The game of enlightenment is not about going out or getting something we do not have or becoming something we are not. We are already enlightened; we have simply covered our wisdom. We started out fine, then we got de-fined; now we must be re-fined.

Health, happiness and success are our birthright, and we carry all we need within us to manifest all the good we seek. But first we must remove everything from our consciousness that works against the full expression of what we are.

What rocks are in your bowl? Begin to note the beliefs and attitudes you hold that stand between you and the light that you are. When you act out of fear or self-doubt, you add more rocks to your bowl. When you let go of one of these impediments, you release your true essence to shine.

Help me to release anything that stands between me and the expression of the light that I am. I claim my identity and inheritance as a being of splendid light.

I am as God created me. I am the light of the world.

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