Saturday, September 23, 2017

Karma's revealed through my dream

What a fantastic dream of Karma I have seen. It seemed like an horror film but eventually I see myself coming out of the Karma cycle.
The dream began where I see my father driving a bus in which I, my mother and some unknown persons are travelling.
I had to get down and reach a old fort where there is beautiful woman in red waiting for me. We both had two different rooms side by side.
I had to go through a process of seeing all my Karma's and paying the debts in form seeing them occuring to our bodies in demonic form. But soon the fear of facing the demons get away and I got free from my Karma's eventually waiting for the woman in red to complete her Karma cycle.
She was going through the Karma cycle but I had to leave her room as she doesn't want me to be there to witness that. Like me she had also to face the demons of her Karma's and get her free. I could see the start of the demonic things but had to leave the room on her request and close it and now I had to wait for her to complete the Karma cycle. She was just on the verge of getting out of the Karma cycle. I was waiting outside the room and when my dream got over.
This was something very rare kind of dream I have seen but one of the best dream. I feel I am blessed that I could visually seen all my Karma's in front of my eyes and how we pay our Karma's by getting the sickness and disease to get free from negative Karma.
I am blessed and I know that the universe has finally given me the signal that one phase of my life has come to an end and there is an anxious waiting for next what is coming.

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  1. Very nice Aryan, that hints about why twin flames exist on earth in same timeline, But still stay alone for so long, untill all work is finished, so together they can share only grace...