Sunday, April 21, 2013


There are 5 needs of love which your partner would want from you.

1. Physical Touch
2. Quality Time
3. Service
4. Words of Affirmations
5. Gifts

When you fall in love with your partner you will need at least one of the following needs.

Physical touch: The touch is another name of being caring. The Physical touch means emotionally in love with love with bodies becoming one. The physical love is much more than just physical intercourse. The need of being together physically is an important part of successful relationship.

Quality Time: Man or woman want to spend time in total bliss. The peace one gets in each other arms is the quality what everyone wants. The time of timeliness, the time of fun, the time of emotions, the time of joy, the time of freedom, the time of being spiritual, the time of calmness, the time of being completeness.

Service: The service is the act of giving oneself to the other. This act is unconditional. That's what we call unconditional love where one is there always to give love without asking love. When twp persons become complete in themselves then they make the whole world as themselves by giving everything they have because they started learning that we all are part of infinite universe everyone is same, so they share feeling that they are doing for themselves not for the another person because then the other person is self. we become one. Service is the best way to reach Salvation.

Words of Affirmations: The very important need of ego-self is the need of other person for to make them motivated so that they can achieve what they wanted. They lack this thing of self motivation and they want this thing from another person and such people reach great heights in career when they have partner who keep them motivates. Such people read, watch motivational books and have blind faith that they will achieve anything in universe when they are cared for and motivated.

Gifts: People want love in form of materialistic things. People expect their partners to give them gifts. Such people also give a lot of gifts. These people live on body level and have varying mood level because a gift can win their hearts. Because they feel special when someone gives them a gifts.

Thank You Thank You Thank You.


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