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How To Transform Your Life With Affirmations for Women



How To Transform Your Life With Affirmations for Women

You may have heard of affirmations as a way to create positive change in your life.
These affirmations for women (which can be modified for men) are meant to help every woman celebrate, motivate, uplift, encourage, empower, love and accept herself. Increased self-love and self-esteem sets the stage for intention, motivation and strong desire to create of positive change.
What are affirmations? They are positive statements that paint a mental picture of how you want your life to be. They can be applied to any life situation where you’re struggling: relationships, finances, career, health, purpose… and most powerfully, self-love.
Self-love is the key element to success. If you love yourself, you accept yourself, you have confidence in your abilities and your inner wisdom, and you honor yourself with firm boundaries, acting and speaking your truth, and excellent self-care. Lack of self-love leads to feelings of worthlessness, incompetence, lack of confidence, fear and a tendency to play the victim. Self-love lets you take responsibility for your life and consciously and deliberately create life the way you want it to play out.
Your level of self-love resides in your subconscious. It is a product of your early childhood experiences, upbringing and influences from people in your life. Much of how you really feel about yourself flies under the radar of your consciousness, so it’s extraordinarily difficult to uncover these limitations.
But you CAN reprogram your subconscious beliefs! Affirmations are one way to help change the hidden beliefs that hold you back from living the life you know you should be living. They help you take charge of your destiny.

The secret way to use affirmations:

Mumbled, once-in-a-while affirmations won’t do a thing. You have to put yourself, your passions, emotions and desire into them!
  • Put passion and emotion into your affirmations!Be relaxed, in the alpha brainwave state. Otherwise, your logical brain will chime in with “no, you are not ‘that’!”
  • Say your affirmations in the present tense. If you say them in the future tense (“I will…”) then your desires will always be waiting for you sometime in the future. And who knows when that will be?
  • Focus your intention on what you want to attract or create, not what you want to escape.

Are you ready to create some positive change?

1. Choose from the following positive affirmations, or create your own (in your own voice and way of speaking). Choose only the ones that resonate with you. The ones that speak to who you are and what you desire. Pay particular attention to the ones that jump out at you. You are noticing them for a reason! And if an affirmation catches your attention but makes you deeply uncomfortable, you may be harboring a lot of resistance against change in that area. It might be worthwhile choosing that affirmation!
2. Choose the Omharmonics track that makes you feel most inspired and optimistic. This will help you get into the relaxed state that is conducive to self-suggestion.
3. Next, choose one or two affirmations. Don’t muddy the water by spreading your emotional energies too thin. You will get better results by narrowing your focus to one or two, and repeating them DAILY for about a month.
4. Sit comfortably and get into the meditative alpha brainwave state. Relax deeply. Begin repeating your affirmations, either out loud or in your head, in the kind of voice you would use with your dearest, most cherished friend. Pretend you are trying to encourage her, lift her up and show her that you love her.
Say your affirmations with feeling, from your heart.
“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7
The more feeling you can infuse into your affirmations, the faster they will sink into your subconscious. Remember – you can’t imprint these affirmations into your subconscious if you don’t commit to one month minimum of daily repetition. Do it for you!

Be in a relaxed state when you say affirmations.Affirmations for Women

  • I am the co-creator of my life.
  • I accept responsibility for my life.
  • I am strong, beautiful, graceful and elegant
  • I set healthy boundaries that honor my values and truth
  • I am worthy of love, respect, success, wealth, health and happiness
  • I am surrounded by beauty, peace and love
  • I am resilient, flexible and adaptable
  • I am as yielding and as powerfully unstoppable as water
  • I freely give and receive unconditional love
  • I am beautiful, and more beautiful with each passing day
  • I am complete and perfect as I am
  • I am a success in everything I do
  • My inner strength supports me in overcoming every obstacle
  • I accept my fears, but take action in spite of them
  • I love and accept myself for who I am
  • I see abundance and opportunities everywhere
  • I celebrate myself and freely express my unique voice
  • I freely share my talents and gifts with the world
  • I speak my truth with confidence and strength
  • I am capable, creative and resourceful
  • I allow my intuition to guide me
  • My years have given me confidence, wisdom, maturity and serenity
  • Focus your affirmations on what you want, not what you want to escape.I have the power to change
  • I choose the course of my life
  • I love and nurture my body
  • I accept others as they are
  • I am healthy, prosperous and happy
  • I am attractive and appreciated
  • I celebrate my femininity and grace
  • I respect and honor my values and ideals
  • I heal my body with loving care and positive energy
  • I am a compassionate, caring, loving and kind friend and partner
  • I have many meaningful, loving friendships
If any of these are “almost but not quite” what you need, modify them. Make up your own. The best affirmations are short, simple and easy to remember, to make it easier to say them every day for a month.
Start today on your road to personal transformation!

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