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There is no death in the first place.
Death is an illusion.
It is always somebody else who dies; you never die. It means death has always been seen
from the outside, it is the outsider's view.
Those who have seen their inner world are unanimous in saying that there is no death.
Because you don't know what constitutes your consciousness; it is not constituted of
breathing, it is not constituted of heartbeats, it is not constituted of blood circulation. So
when the doctor says that a man is dead, it is an outsider's conclusion; all that he is saying
is, "This man is no longer breathing, his pulse has stopped, his heart is not beating." Are
these three things equivalent to death? They are not.
Consciousness is not your body, nor your mind, nor your heart.
So when a person dies, he dies for you, not for himself. For himself he simply changes
the house, perhaps moves into a better apartment. But because the old apartment is left,
and you are searching for him in the old apartment and you don't find him there, you
think the poor guy is dead. All that you should say is, "The poor guy escaped. Now where
he has gone, we don't know."
In fact, medical science is going beyond its limits when it says that some person is dead.
Medical science has no right yet, because it has no definition yet of what constitutes
death. It can simply say that "This man is no longer breathing. His heart has stopped. His
pulse is no longer functioning." To conclude that he is dead is going beyond what you are
seeing. But because science does not have any idea of consciousness, the death of the
body becomes the death of the being.
Those who have known the being ... and it is not necessary for it that you should die and
then you know; you can just go inside. That's what I call meditation -- just go inside and
find out what is your center, and at your center there is no breathing, there is no heartbeat,
there is no thought, no mind, no heart, no body, and still you are.
Once a person has experienced himself -- that he is not the body, not the mind, not the
heart, but pure awareness -- he knows there is no death for him, because he does not
depend on the body.
Awareness has no dependence on blood circulation. It does not depend on whether the
heart beats or not, it does not depend on whether the mind functions or not. It is a totally
different world; it is not constituted of any material thing, it is immaterial.
So the first thing to understand is that there is no death -- it has never been found.
And if there is no death, what insecurity can there be?
For an immortal life there can be no insecurity. Your immortality is not dependent on
your bank balance; the beggar is as immortal as the emperor.
As far as people's consciousnesses are concerned, that is the only world where true
communism exists: they all have equal qualities, and they don't have anything that can be
lost or taken away. They don't have anything that can be destroyed, burned.
There is no insecurity.
All insecurity is a shadow of death.
If you look deeply, then every insecure feeling is rooted in the fear of death. But I am
saying to you that there is no death; hence there cannot be any insecurity. You are
immortal beings, amritasya putrah.
That's what the seers in the ancient East have said: You are the sons of immortality.
And they were not misers like Jesus Christ, that "I am the only begotten son of God." A
strange idea ... even to say it one should feel ashamed. "I am the only begotten son of
God" ... what about others? Are they all bastards? Jesus is condemning the whole world!
He is the son of God, and whose sons and daughters are all these people? And it is
strange -- why should God stop by giving birth to only one child? Is he spent just with
one child? Or was he a believer in birth control?
I have been asking the pope and Mother Teresa, "Your God must be a believer in birth
control, must be using things which you are prohibiting to people -- condoms and all;
otherwise, how is it possible? Once he created a son, then at least one daughter -- that's a
natural tendency."
And in the whole eternity ... having no fun.
The psychologists say that poor people create more children for the simple reason that
they don't have any other fun. To go to the cinema you need money, to go to the circus
you need money, to go to Chowpatty Beach you need money. Wherever there is fun, you
need money. So just go to bed -- that is the only fun without money, nobody asks for
What is God doing? -- neither can he go to Chowpatty nor can he go to a circus nor to a
cinema hall. Sitting eternally bored.... Just created one son? It has many implications:
perhaps he was so frustrated with this one son that he became a celibate -- "I am not
going to create any more idiots."
Jesus was teaching on the earth for just three years. His age was only thirty-three, and he
was crucified -- a great savior who could not save himself. God must have felt
tremendously let down: "Be finished! No more sons, no more daughters."
But the reality is that there is a certain element of egoism in being the only one, with no
Krishna may be the incarnation of God but he is not the son -- just a photocopy.
Mohammed may be a messenger -- just a postman.
But Jesus is special, he is the only begotten son of God. There is a certain egoism in it.
The ancient seers were not so egoistic. They called the whole humanity -- past, present,
future -- amritasya putrah: You are all sons of immortality. They are not putting
themselves higher than you, they are not pretending to be holier than you. They are
making every human being, as far as consciousness is concerned, absolutely equal,
There is no insecurity.
There is no need for any other path -- and anyway, there is no other path.
Life is the path which passes through the illusory gate of death.
You can pass the gate consciously. If you are meditative enough, then you can go through
death knowing perfectly that you are changing the house; you can enter another womb
knowing perfectly that you are entering the new apartment -- and it is always better,
because life is always evolving. And if you can die consciously, then certainly your new
life will be on a very high level, from the very beginning.
And I don't see any insecurity.
You come into the world without anything, so one thing is certain: nothing belongs to
You come absolutely naked, but with illusions. That's why every child is born with
closed hands, fists, believing that he is bringing treasures -- and those fists are just empty.
And everybody dies with open hands. Try to die with fists -- nobody has been successful
up to now. Or try to be born with open hands -- nobody has been successful in that either.
The child is born with fists, with illusions that he is bringing treasures into the world, but
there is nothing in the fist. Nothing belongs to you, so what insecurity? Nothing can be
stolen, nothing can be taken away from you.
Everything that you are using belongs to the world.
And one day, you have to leave everything here.
You will not be able to take anything with you.
I have heard about a rich man in a village who was such a miser that he had never given
anything to any beggar. The whole community of beggars knew about it, so whenever
they saw some beggar standing before his house they knew -- "This man seems to be
new, from some other village. Tell him, `You won't get anything from there.'"
The man's wife was dying, but he wouldn't call the doctor. He had one friend only,
because to have many friends means unnecessary insecurity -- somebody may ask for
money, somebody may ask for something. He had only one friend, and that one was also
such a miser that there was no problem between them. They both understood each other's
psychology -- no conflict, no asking, no question of creating any embarrassment.
The friend said, "But this is the time that the doctor should be called -- your wife is
The man said, "It is all in the hands of God. What can a doctor do? If she is going to die,
she is going to die. You will unnecessarily put me in trouble ... paying the fee to the
doctor for the medicine, this and that. I am a religious man, and if she is not going to die
she will recover without any doctor. The real doctor is God, nobody else. And I believe in
God because he never asks for a fee or anything."
The wife died.
His friend said, "Look, just for a little money you didn't call a doctor."
He said, "Little money? Money is money; it is never a question of a little. And death
comes to everybody."
The friend was a little angry. He said, "This is too much. I am also a miser, but if my wife
is dying at least I will call a pharmacist -- but I will call somebody. But you are really
hard. What are you going to do with all this money?"
He said, "I am going to take it with me."
The friend said, "Nobody has ever heard of it."
He said, "But nobody has ever tried." That too was true. He said, "Just see. I have my
own plan -- I will take everything with me."
The friend said, "Just tell me your secret, because some day I will have to die also, and
you are such a friend."
He said, "Friendship is one thing, but this secret I cannot tell. And the secret is such that
you cannot use it when you are dying -- it has to be used before, because you have to
carry all your money and all your gold and diamonds and everything to the river."
He said, "What do you mean?"
He said, "Yes, and go into a small boat in the middle of the river and jump with all your
money and be drowned -- so you have taken it. Try! Nobody has tried. If you don't
succeed there is no harm, because everybody goes without it. If you succeed, then you
will be the pioneer, the first one who reaches paradise with his whole bag of money. And
all those saints will be looking with wide-open eyes -- `This man has done something!'"
But the friend said, "That means you have to die."
He said, "Naturally, and you have to be in good health. When you are dying, then it will
be very difficult to carry that heavy load. I am going to do it soon, because my wife is
gone, now nobody is there."
But even if you jump in the ocean with all your money, the money will remain in the
ocean, your body will remain in the ocean.
You will have to go alone, alone just as consciousness.
Nothing belongs to you, because you bring nothing here and you can take nothing from
Life is the only way.
Death is the only illusion to be understood.
If you can live fully, totally, understanding death as an illusion -- not because I am saying
it, but by your own experience in deep meditation -- then live life fully, as totally as
possible, without any fear. There is no insecurity, because even death is illusory.
Only the living being in you is real.
Clean it, sharpen it, make it fully aware so that not even a small part of it is drowned in
darkness, so that you are luminous all over, you become aflame.
This is the only way; there is no other alternative.
And there is no need.

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