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If somebody had told me 8 years ago that the way out of my financial struggle and difficulties was in giving, I would have thought they were crazy; after all, my thinking at that time was that I had nothing to give. I was barely surviving myself! But after I discovered The Secret, I realized how wrong that thinking was.

In fact, the effects of giving can be so great that its practice has become known as 'the law of prosperity.' Dating back to Ancient Egypt and Babylonia, human beings have known and practiced tithing - that is, giving a certain percentage of one's income. The practice of tithing has been a part of many cultures and religions across the world, and continues to the present day. The word 'tithe' actually means 'one tenth,' and here at The Secret we follow this tradition. From the moment we received our first dollar of revenue, long before we made a profit, The Secret has tithed 10% of all revenue received.

Everyone wants to give, but the problem for most people is that by the time they've finished taking care of themselves and their family, and get around to the giving part, they've got nothing left. Wealthy people will tell you that to see the revolutionary financial benefits of tithing, it has to be a priority, and the first thing you do when you receive your income.

Having plenty of money or having a lack of money is based on what we constantly hold in our mind, and the law of attraction will obey and faithfully fulfill either one equally. Tithing is a powerful way to revolutionize your mind about money; the very act of tithing says that there is plenty of money, because you're giving some away. As a consequence, it will increase the flow of money and all good things into your life. And, you will discover that the joy and happiness you receive in return is far beyond the monetary value of what you gave.

So, who do you tithe to? Choose something that inspires YOU and that elicits strong positive feelings of joy and happiness in you. If those emotions subside after a while, feel free to change where you tithe. You can begin at 5% or lower, and work your way up to 10%. The basis of my new book, HERO, is that you can be or do anything and make your greatest dream come true. In the spirit of giving and making dreams come true, The Secret donates 12% of revenue from sales of HERO to the various charities and foundations of HERO's contributors. Here are all the ways people's lives and our world are changed when someone purchases a copy of HERO:

In the United States:

Gang and youth violence is reduced in Los Angeles and Seattle, thanks to A Better LA and A Better Seattle.

Teens and youth are provided with programs to empower with leadership skills for their future, thanks to Momentum Teens for Leadership.

Foster children receive scholarships to attend beauty school, thanks to Anastasia Brighter Horizon Foundation.

Funding is provided for early-childhood education, university programs, higher education scholarships, and healthy school food programs, thanks to the Orfalea Foundation.

The lives of youth, the elderly, homeless, and prison population are aided and enriched, thanks to the Anthony Robbins Foundation.

In the United Kingdom:

Grants are given to support children and young people with financial hardships for education, health, and therapy, thanks to The Moshi Foundation.

In India:

Basic amenities for health are provided through hospitals, medical clinics, and ambulances to local Indian communities, thanks to GMR Varalakshmi Foundation.

Basic necessities are provided to impoverished communities, and education to neglected Indian girls, thanks to Care for Vrindavan.

In Australia:

Young women are assisted through programs to pursue their dreams, thanks to Aim for the Stars Foundation.

In Latin America:

Scholarships are given to youth and underprivileged and disabled students, thanks to the Nextel Foundation.

And in disadvantaged communities and countries throughout the world:

Clean drinking water and rainwater harvesting systems are provided to communities, thanks to RainCatcher.

Gardening and farming programs are provided to disadvantaged communities and countries so they can sustain themselves, thanks to JP's Peace, Love & Happiness Foundation.

"If whatever you do helps just one person, you've done something wonderful."
Blake Mycoskie
Founder of TOMS Shoes

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May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
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