Sunday, July 13, 2014

When the soul is ready, the soulmate will appear

It is also important to consider that no one can predict when soulmates will meet. It is up to each individual soul as to when the connection will happen as it is not really a question of linear time. You will meet your soulmate when the souls are ready to meet, according the Divine plan, which the two of you defined within your soulmate contract. You are being brought together by fate and destiny to fulfill an agreement the two of you made, or contracted with each other, before you were born. That soulmate contract stands and you will meet in this life time in order to meet and achieve some personal goals and agendas you setup for yourself, as well as the goals and agendas of your soulmate. Can your meeting be delayed? Of course it can. One of you could exercise your free will and make a choice or life decision that could delay your meeting but there is a binding to a soulmate contract that indicates you will meet during this lifetime.
Your soulmate is not someone you can seek. Your soulmate is not someone who will seek you. You will probably not find your soulmate if you are looking for him (or her) scouring hundreds of on-line profiles or hanging out at the local disco.  Soulmates come together by destiny or fate. Only by stopping the search, focusing on yourself and working on yourself will your soulmate materialize. That is the fastest, surest, easiest way for your soulmate to show up in your life. Focus on you. Take a class. Do a project. Learn to dance. Take Yoga. Meditate. Take some classes. But do something that will help with your own personal growth that will be beneficial for you even if it takes longer for your soulmate to appear. Do it for the right rea
sons. Do it for yourself. Go through the growth. Become the person you aspire to be and then the soulmate will appear during that journey of personal transformation. And with it, will come some lessons to help you grow and evolve more toward your perfection of understanding and experiencing the giving of unconditional love.

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