Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Imagine - Neale Donald Walsh

Imagine what your life would be like
if you could live each day deeply connected to your soul

You’ve probably had experiences of being your most authentic self . . .
Moments when you felt truly at ease in your own skin, calm and alive, and in a powerful state of flow.
Moments when time seemed to disappear and you felt like you could face whatever challenges life brought your way with an open heart and a passionate spirit.
And every time you’ve connected with this part of you—your true self—you probably felt like you were home.
But for whatever reason, this feeling of being deeply connected to your true self doesn’t last, and regardless of how hard you try to find your way back there, you can’t seem to do it just because you want to.
Days, months, or even years can pass before the right conditions happen to occur in your life that allow you to make that deep connection again.
Sometimes it might even feel like the Universe is actually working against you, keeping you in a state of restlessness and dissatisfaction.
You might even find yourself trying to “fix” this feeling by thinking things like . . .
  • If only I could move to another city
  • If only I had a partner (or a different partner)
  • If only I had a different job
  • If only I was twenty pounds lighter
Or, in a desperate attempt to reconnect with your true self, you might try to do things you hope will rekindle that divine spark inside you.
You might try to . . .
  • Be more selfless, and supportive of others
  • Attend more spiritual or community events
  • Live more conscientiously toward the environment
  • Read more spiritual or self-development books and do more “work on yourself”
And some of those things can at times get you closer to what you seek, and give you further glimpses of thatprofoundly beautiful experience of being your true self that you so want to have again.
But no matter how successful your attempts to make that connection are, eventually you find yourself feeling as though there is still a void in your life you can’t seem to fill.
Not to even mention the near constant reminders that you are still at the mercy of your fears, doubts and other unpleasant emotions, as well as the emotional baggage from your past.

But what if there was something you
could do to forge that connection 
your true self in a way that would

last for the rest of your life?

What if you could be the person you’ve been in your clearest, most connected moments . . . in every single moment of every day?
Imagine how your relationships, your creative endeavors, or your career might change if you could be your true self at all times.
Your life would become rewarding in all the ways you want it to, and whole new possibilities would open up for you to explore.
When you begin to live from your authentic self—from your soul—things that were difficult before will seem easy, and no matter what challenges arise, you will be able to meet them with a clear head and a steady hand.
Before you know it, you will begin to enjoy life’s gifts in ways you never could before.
You’ll experience . . .
  • A greater sense of security about the world and your place in it
  • More time to be creative and truly enjoy that world and the people around you
  • Exciting opportunities for growth and change
  • More heartwarming and uplifting experiences
  • New and gratifying ways to help yourself and others to flourish
And you will feel fulfilled in every area of your life just through
the way you live from your true self . . . the way you live from your soul.

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