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Participation is mandatory

 Participation Is Mandatory

We all have busy schedules, that’s a part of living life. Chores are never-ending. It seems there are more things we could be doing than there is time. To recover from chaos, we rest, take vacations, and look forward to rejuvenating alone time. By balancing things-to-do with solitude we are able to create harmony in our lives. But, it doesn’t always feel smooth and harmonious. How do we apply that dreamy conception to the reality of stormy days and tumultuous nights?
Positive affirmation from My Dreams Matter how to beat procrastination
For a moment, let’s pick at the part of us that procrastinates during down time, instead of being productive. I think we may sometimes (okay, many times) mistakenly interpret relaxing as not doing anything significant. But what if we were to engage in something relevant to our goals and dreams as a means to unwinding?
Start by catching yourself dawdling about. Ask yourself:
Is this the best use of my time & energy?
Would you consider trading Facebook or television time for that-one-craft-project or business-venture you always wanted to undertake? Build up to an hour a day and see how much you can get accomplished in just one week! Keep at it diligently! Make your hobby the distraction you’re obsessed with. Do not focus on analyzing the extent of a result. Don’t pay attention to wanting to manipulate the outcome. Watch those thoughts float past you and dissipate. Simply keep building your dream. Every little bit helps, even the actions that will one day be discarded. Mistakes happen. If you allow, they may become the greatest blessings in disguise, offering more clarity and joy than could ever have been imagined.
There are no excuses for settling for mediocrity. You might think you have a thousand (really good)reasons why your dreams can’t come true. I am here to challenge that false rationalization.
Here are examples of successful people who overcame limitations by taking forward action:
• Jim Carrey: dropped out of high school to support his homeless family; now one of the best comedic actors
• Oprah Winfrey:  horrible childhood filled with poverty and abuse; now worth $2.9 billion & is a household name
• Stephen Hawking: cannot speak or move w/o a computerized wheelchair; is a renowned astrophysicist
• Bethany Hamilton: won first place surfing in a national championship, two years after losing her arm to a shark
• Steven Spielberg: was rejected from his choice of film school (USC), not once, but twice
Positive affirmation about fear and courage.
The majority of people in the world didn’t know these folks when they were experiencing their dark moments. Aside from obvious physical limitations, most people aren’t aware that successful people endure hardship. In our experience, celebrities show up already popular, rich, charismatic, and fortunate. Yet, in the majority of cases, people like those in Jim Carrey’s situation, easily remain a victim to homelessness. Most women with Oprah’s upbringing re-live the cycle, remaining in poverty and abusive relationships for most, if not all of their lives. Successful people look obstacles straight in the face and exclaim:
“I am worth this dream of mine!  I deserve to experience my desires!”
Every. single. human. being. has a dream lifestyle that they wish would come true. Follow that passion within you. Unbury it from the layers of resistance and repression built up from people saying you can’t or shouldn’t. So now, imagine… it’s several months down the road … your life is filled with more of the things you enjoy doing — because you made the decision to stop feeling sorry for the situation you’re in. True commitment will always lead to results. Always. Doing nothing creates no thing. It can not be stated any more clearly. Your participation is mandatory for the creation of your wildest dreams. Jump, get that!
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Three Blessings That Are A Result of Saying Yes

Do you ever find yourself struggling with obstacles and limitations getting in the way of having the life of your dreams? How do you know when to surrender, have blind faith, and fully commit to taking the leap towards more magnificence than you could ever have imagined? In my experience, the answer lies in a succinct bit of advice my mom repeated throughout my childhood:

“Follow Your Heart”

But… there’s a catch. Sort of. Wishing and praying for what you want is powerful.  It is not always enough to manifest fantasies. Engaging in movement and action towards goals, backed by passion and intention, creates an abundance of everything you’d ever want.
If you find yourself in a place where your heart is saying “YES! OMG I WOULD LOVE THAT” but the mind is listing reasons to stand still:

“Follow Your Heart … Then, take action!”

inspirational quote about serendipity and taking risks to manifest dreams through the law of attraction
Take physical action forward and see what happens. Here are three personal examples demonstrating how this technique worked for me. Please keep in mind that your results are dependent on the strength of your own love, thoughts, and actions.

1. Move from Chicago to Los Angeles

My husband and I decided to move from Chicago to Los Angeles within one month of our wedding. For months afterward, we struggled to set a date. We didn’t have jobs lined up in California. We didn’t know where we would live. We knew it would be expensive to transport our belongings 2,000 miles across country.
HEART: move to LA!!!!
MIND: wait for a mysterious thing to happen, assuring everything will be okay

What did we do? Followed our hearts & TOOK ACTION

We called fear’s bluff and took forward action towards our dreams. We have lived in sunny Southern California since 2009. Magically, after we committed to a move date, we were both offered virtual, work-from-anywhere online computer jobs. Everything has been okay, even after leaving those corporate jobs to pursue our own creative endeavors.

2. Cottage on a Mountain

Our first place in LA was in a cute neighborhood up against the hills in Studio City. Our rent was near the top of our budget, and the lack of privacy left nothing to the imagination. We set an intention to move to a quieter, more peaceful location. We adopted a one-eyed cat from a dear friend’s neighbor, who coincidentally was looking for tenants for their newly purchased rental. Within months we were living in a 1930′s Hollywood bachelor cottage, in a canyon, on a mountain. At first, worries flirted gently with our minds, reminding us that we share one car between two people. Living and working as freelance artists two miles from the nearest town might be complicated. Luckily, having already benefitted from practicingthe law of attraction, our hearts remained open and without hesitation we said “YES!”
HEART: move to the HILLS!!!
wait for a mysterious thing to happen, assuring everything will be okay

What did we do? Followed our hearts & TOOK ACTION

Once again, we challenged the worry and fear and moved towards our dreams. We are on two years at this lovely location, gardening on the slopes and working crafts in the garage. Getting to gigs on time with little to no conflict with my husband’s acting schedule. We have been taking care of business smoothly and successfully. We live and work in our own imagined idea of heaven. Something we painted first with our mind’s eye, and heart. The steps we took towards our visions led us to seeing the results we wanted.
Manifesting Dreams The Law Of Attraction

3. Lesley Bohm Photography

Thanks to dear friend, Eva Tingley’s match-making skills, I was offered the opportunity to re-design celebrity photographer, Lesley Bohm’s website in exchange for having professional portraits taken. Apprehensive about working with such a prestigious artist, as I felt small next to her greatness, I contemplated being “ready” for such a bold business move.
HEART: move towards GREATNESS!!!!
wait for a mysterious thing to happen, assuring everything will be okay

What did I do? Followed my heart & TOOK ACTION

Thanks to this accidental discovery, a happy chance, this serendipity, my brand is represented professionally by Lesley Bohm‘s Photography. Having a portrait of myself on books, signs, and merchandise helps fans connect with my essence.
Hopefully now you can more easily accept that blessings are available to you simply by sayingYES! to fortuity. Have blind faith when the heart backs your intentions. Release the mind of any and all worries. Trust! Move forward. Take baby steps or giant leaps — just move! The more this technique is practiced, the easier it is to manifest the things you crave.
2014 My Dreams Matter Website Design by Lynnette Rozine Prock & Lesley Bohm Photography
Portrait of Lynnette Rozine Prock @ Lesley Bohm Photography
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Repeat Positive Affirmations For SuccessTo Build Confidence

Today I invite you to say yes to your bed-of-roses by repeating positive affirmations for success. Allow happiness, prosperity, and abundance to flourish in your life by believing in your right to experience these things. Bring an awareness into your heart, highlighting your true-calling and purpose. Keep a still eye on that calling and take action, daily.
I know it’s easy, and sometimes comfortable, to rest in mediocrity. But, I want you to be great; a cut above; dandy; and excellent. Why do I want that for you? Because, when individuals do exceptional things, the world becomes a paramount place to be. A ripple effect takes place that spirals into collective evolution. Your singular success does matter, whether you believe it (yet) or not.
positive affirmations for success in your life build confidence attract happiness prosperity abundance wealth
To renew confidence in your purpose, set aside one hour per day to:
• Visualize clearly. See your goal. Feel it coming true. Set your sights!
• Repeat positive affirmations. Wipe out self-doubt! Be your own cheerleader.
• Take action! Do one thing every day that brings you closer to your goal.
These three simple things done on a daily basis will help develop excitement about your intentions, while erasing dreadful feelings of resistance. You’ll become your own source of motivation, realizing you really can do anything you put your mind to. Over time, you’ll see the results you’ve been imagining, look back, and thoroughly feel accomplished.
Visualize in the present moment, as if the thing you desire is already in your life. Keeping the dream in the future prevents it from occurring. As Credence Clearwater Revival sings, “Some Day Never Comes”. Positive affirmations are declarations of a truth about something. Even if it doesn’t feel honest in the beginning, eventually, you’ll retrain your subconscious to believe these facts, which in turn effects your behavior, leading you to act with confidence about your dreams coming true. Remember to move forward! Despite failures, mistakes, or hardships, one must persist in order to achieve.
Click play below to start affirming your success today:
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