Monday, July 7, 2014

Quiet the Mind

Quiet The Mind?

It’s not always easy to find peace when the world around us is spewing bad news, complaints, or negative perspectives. I am here to share some good news: you can find peace! No matter what is going on around you, it can always be found from within yourself. Growing up, I endured many hardships that seemed to encourage me to be bitter, hateful, and angry towards the world. I couldn’t change those external things. I could only control my own behavior and feelings. For many years I was a mean and hurtful person. What good did that do for me? It only added more negativity to an already painful existence. The peace within me was buried under layers of negative energy. Over time, I learned how to quiet my mind in order to rediscover the peace that was longing to be exposed.
There are a vast number of guided meditations and relaxation techniques available online. I don’t believe there is one way in which we can all find peace in the midst of turmoil. For some, it’s as simple as gardening. Others discover peace by working out or going for long walks. Believe it or not, some people have learned to calm their mind by cleaning and doing chores. For me, I have found that coloring, drawing, and writing lowers my blood pressure and clears my mind of awful thoughts.
No one knows you better than yourself. You know what you like. The first step to quieting the mind is noticing when your feelings are in a place that you’d not like them to be. By being able to step back, away from yourself in these troubled times, you can start to adjust your mood. If instead, you decide to dwell in the anger and pain, you’ll find it’s very difficult to find peace. Next time you notice that your emotions are raging wild, take a minute to really recognize that you’re upset. I don’t mean that you should think of a million reasons why you’re justified for being upset. What I am suggesting is that you acknowledge your feelings without judgement. This can prove to be a challenge for most people, including myself.
Quiet The Mind Positive Affirmation Art Therapy Activity Book
One technique that I have found to work for myself, is creating something. When I put a brush into paint and then wipe it on canvas, or paper, my mind becomes distracted away from the anger and pain I was just feeling. I do not suggest repressing feelings through means of distraction. Quite the opposite. What I am proposing is that you express your feelings in a way that is not hurtful to others. Express your rage by painting a dark, emotional painting. Write a paragraph or two about why you think you’re justified for being upset. Revisit your “art” in a few days once the anger has dissipated. Expressing yourself through art allows you to release negative emotions without destroying relationships or self-esteem.
My third self-published book, Quiet The Mind, is a 100-page, all-age, art therapy activity book that inspires and encourages positive thinking and mindful meditation. The exercises in this book will help turn your attention away from the external world in towards your own personal power  simply by coloring dozens of line art illustrations. Positive affirmations scattered throughout the book deliver encouragement and reminders of self-worth.
Lined pages offer plenty of room for a personal diary. Quiet The Mind provides a plentitude of suggestions to write about. The book also contains instructions for creating mandala art; a life test that will reveal valuable insights; a fun scavenger hunt; and many other art therapy activities. If my life has taught me anything at all, it’s that coloring and keeping a journal at any age is a simple way to quiet the mind.
Quiet The Mind Art Therapy Activity Coloring Book Release
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