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Approach to Create a Long lasting relationship

 A Powerful, Proven Approach To Creating
The Relationship Of Your Dreams

Discover How to Find Your Soulmate and Experience the
Life of Passion and Adventure You Were Born to Live!

One day in the not too distant future, you will walk around a corner, or look up from your cellphone, or reach for a perfect avocado at the grocery store . . .
AFSS sales page first photo V2And you will find yourself face to face with the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with.
It will be that simple.
When you are truly ready to meet your soulmate, the two of you will be powerfully and magnetically drawn together . . . without ever having met.
And your relationship will be everything you’ve ever wanted a relationship to be, and so much more that you never even dreamed was possible.
And you will be together for the rest of your lives.
But before that can happen . . . you truly have to be ready.
Before I met my soulmate at the age of 43, I’d tried everything I could think of to find the love of my life: personal ads, online dating, how-to books, blind dates, and even singles’ bars.
And while I had plenty of relationships over the years—some that were even pretty good—there was never one that I felt in my heart and soul was the true love I was longing for and sensed I was meant to have.
I suspect you know exactly what I’m talking about . . .

You’ve probably been looking for your soulmate
for a long time now with no success

Sure you might have glimmers of hope now and then—times when you’ve met a man you think could be the “one” . . .
Times when you let yourself start to believe that after all the years of waiting and trying, you might finally get to have the happy ending all those fairytales and Hollywood movies have been promising you since you were a little girl.
So you take down the walls you’ve built to protect your feelings, and you allow yourself to hope it might be true . . . sooner or later, something happens, and that man turns out not to be your knight in shining armor after all, and you’re forced to go back to wondering if you’re ever going to find him.
In the back of your mind, you probably wonder if there might be something wrong with you, or if maybe you’ve done something terrible at some point in your life and just deserve to be alone.
And then you resign yourself to the possibility that you’re just not destined to have that kind of soulmate love in your life.
You may be afraid that . . .
  • Your past luck in love has left you damaged and with too many “issues”
  • Your health or fitness are negatively affecting your chances of finding love
  • Your age makes it even harder for you to find your soulmate
  • You might not be not “interesting enough” or “good enough” to be worthy of the kind of love you want
But what if I told you that none of those things has the slightest impact on whether you can attract your soulmate into your life?

What if the only reason you haven’t found
your soulmate is because no one taught
you the right way to find him?

And as a result, you’ve probably been going about it all wrong, either by following bad advice, trying too hard, or doing nothing at all.
But let me tell you something. No matter how old you are, how you look, or what you’ve done or haven’t done in your life, you have a perfect soulmate waiting for you out there in the world . . . if you haven’t been able to find him on your own by now, maybe it’s time to let me help you!
I’ve actually developed a powerful process you can use to manifest your soulmate and prepare yourself in every way for the incredible relationship you’ll have together.
By combining universal principles with proven techniques, my Soulmate SecretProcess will begin to transform your love life as soon as you engage it.
The foundation of this process is what I call . . .
 The 3 Keys To Manifesting True Love:
Clarity, Clearing, and Manifestation
Clarity means getting absolutely clear about exactly the kind of person you need in a partner—not simply someone you find attractive and who has a few traits you find desirable, but someone who shares your “core love vibration,” and who will truly fit with who you are now and who you want to be. And if you aren’t clear about the kind of man you truly need—not just want—you’ll probably end up with yet another Mr. Wrong.
This is also how you can banish a difficult “soulmate blocker” from your life, because once you have clarity about what you want, you’ll no longer choose to invest your time, energy, or feelings in men you can now clearly see are not what you want at all.
I’ll show you highly effective techniques for figuring out exactly the type of person who is perfect for you, in all your wonderful complexity!
Clearing means letting go of all the emotional and physical clutter in your homeand inside yourself that are very real obstacles to you being open to love—even if you think you’re already open!
One of the most critical steps in preparing for your soulmate involves removing from your mind and your living space anything that is attached in any way to a former partner or that reminds you of him.
This second key is an excellent tool for clearing out a lot of seemingly innocent “soulmate blockers” that are anything but harmless.
This isn’t easy, but I will show you exactly how to determine what can stay and what has to go, and I’ll give you fast and effective methods for letting go of it painlessly and completely so it never gets in your way again.
Manifestation is a process that has to be done in a very specific way in order for it to work. But if you use the manifestation techniques I’ve designed for you, in the exact  way I’ll show you to use them, you’ll actually be able to access the “partnership energy” of the Universe to help you get the things you truly want and need in your life—including your perfect partner.
Plus, when you do this, you’ll banish any subconscious “soulmate blockers” lurking in your emotional space.
In fact, the whole manifestation process is all about fine-tuning your “core love vibration,” because that is the frequency that magnetizes true love into your life.
And once you’ve found each other, you can continue to use these powerful techniques to create the shared life of your dreams!

You and your soulmate are
truly destined to be together

But it won’t happen until you have mastered the 3 Keys and are truly prepared in every way for the passionate and supportive love that awaits you . . . no matter how long it takes.
stock-couple1Now, I think that having to wait another five, ten or twenty years is much too long—especially for something so wonderful that is already destined to be a part of your life!
That’s why I developed this proven process to help you manifest your soulmate right now, so you can start living the life of love you are meant to live, without having to waste even one more year alone.
I’ve taken some powerful ancient manifestation techniques and combined them with modern wisdom and insights, and then I’ve tested and refined these techniques in my own life and the lives of thousands of others around the world.
And now those techniques work quickly and efficiently to help you get prepared on the inside to draw your soulmate to you.
When you are finally ready to live this new life and be truly happy, that’s when you’ll start manifesting that life outwardly around you . . .

Can you imagine what it will be like
when you find your soulmate?

How loved, respected, heard, adored and wanted you’ll suddenly be?
It might be a little difficult to truly imagine it if you’ve never experienced anything like it before, but I can tell you this . . . it’s pretty wonderful. And I want you to have that experience, too . . .
Every day for the rest for your life.
When you are finally living with your soulmate, you’ll do things together: you’ll shop for furniture and food; you’ll cook for each other; you’ll work in the garden and share the harvest; you’ll watch movies curled up together on the couch; you’ll go on adventures to explore new places; you’ll hold hands . . . and you’ll make love.
You’ll sleep side by side or in each other’s arms every night, and in the morning you will look into his eyes and be glad you chose him and glad he chose you.
And no matter what you do together, you’ll find ways to have fun.
Even when you’re in the midst of dealing with one of life’s many challenges, you’ll be mutually supportive at every turn, and you’ll try to find ways to make each other laugh.
And you’ll get through it . . . together.
When you master my manifestation processes and use the other practices I’ll show you during the Soulmate Secret 7-Week Interactive Online Course, it’s possible you’ll find your soulmate so fast it might almost make you dizzy . . .
And while for many people it takes a bit more time and work for them to truly be ready to meet their soulmate, when it happens for you (and it will), I promise the experience will be everything you could ever hope for it to be—and so much more!
There are a lot of different approaches out there for trying to find true love, and I know some of them work . . .
But I also know that I have personally taught my techniques to thousands of people over the past several years, and through using those techniques, they are not only finding their soulmates, but some are finding them incredibly fast . . .
Even faster than I did—which I thought was pretty fast at the time!

My Own Path To Love

By the time I’d reached the age of 43, I had created my dream life, except for one thing—I didn’t have a soulmate to share it with.
Arielle Ford and BrianI had a successful, exciting career as a marketing consultant, author, and publicist, and I had many close friends.
I’d helped launch the careers of such spiritual luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch (author of theConversations with God series), and my own sister, Debbie Ford (pioneer of the groundbreaking Shadow Process).
I also traveled a lot, and I was helping deliver to people what I considered to be some of the greatest gifts in the world. But one morning I woke up and realized that while I had been so busy making a great life for myself, I’d forgotten to find someone to share it all with.
As exciting and gratifying as my professional life was, I knew I had been ignoring the pain and loneliness in my personal life for many years—the fleeting relationships that didn’t feel truly connected, the weekend nights spent alone, the vacations that turned into stay-cations because I didn’t have anyone to travel with.
And it was even harder when I’d listen to my married and coupled friends talk about their romantic getaways, or when I got invited to yet another wedding and had to stifle my embarrassment as I crowded together with the other (younger!) single women and the four-year-old flower girls to try to catch the bridal bouquet.
I didn’t want to be alone, and I knew the time had come to do something about it.
I already knew how to manifest good things in my professional life, so on a whim I decided to try to customize some of those same strategies and processes and then try them on my love life.
And after a few months of using the tools and techniques I’d designed for myself, something wonderful happened . . .
I was on a business trip and my client’s business partner—who I’d never met before—picked me up at the airport. His name was Brian, and when I saw him for the first time, I felt something I’d never felt before: a sense of excitement that something big was happening!
It was obvious that he felt it, too, and by the end of the day, we both knew we were going to be together.

Only three weeks after that first fateful
meeting, we became engaged . . .

And now we’ve been married for 16 ecstatically happy years.
Every single day, my husband shows me his unwavering devotion. I feel deeply loved and cherished, and his support has helped lift my career to heights I hadn’t even considered possible before.
One of the most surprising things about our relationship is that our love actually continues to grow and get better every year. I can’t even imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t actively manifested him when I did.
And since I was what they call an “older bride,” when single women heard my story, I immediately became a “go-to” expert for every woman over 40 looking for love. They would pull me aside at events or seminars and whisper in my ear, “How do I find my Brian?”
The more I told my story and coached others through shifting their approach to love, the more I realized that most people truly needed that extra guidance to help them see their “soulmate blockers” clearly, and to support them as they worked to move past their imagined limitations when they got frustrated or scared.
And since I was receiving so many requests to make my secret available to more people . . . I decided to further refine the manifestation techniques I’d originally developed for myself and combine it with all the wisdom I’d gained from the relationship experts and spiritual teachers I knew, and I began to create what became The Soulmate Secret Process, including The 3 Keys To Manifesting True Love.
Then I put it all together into my Soulmate Secret Interactive Online Course and began to make it available to anyone who was ready to find their soulmate. And since then, I’ve led tens of thousands of people through the process of integrating the 3 Keys into their lives—with extraordinary results.
I hope you’ll be next!
With love and light,
Arielle Ford

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