Thursday, September 4, 2014

Soulmate Secret Course Free

The Soulmate Secret 7-Week Course

During the course, you’ll discover how to . . .

  • Easily identify and remove the emotional and physical blocks that have held you back from love in the past
  • Get completely clear about the kind of partner you want to attract and what you want the relationship to look like
  • Finally disconnect from past lovers through a simple, almost magical technique
  • Bridge the gap between your head and your heart and bring your vibration and vision for love into every cell of your body
  • “Feather your nest” in order to energetically prepare your body, mind, and home for the arrival of your soulmate
  • Co-create with the energy of Universe to deeply connect you to your soulmate before you even meet
  • Truly love yourself so you’ll be willing to let someone else love you, too
  • Literally become a magnet that will attract your soulmate to you, making the path to true love feel natural, easy and fun
The entire Soulmate Secret Process is so exciting and inspiring for me every time I get to go through it with a new group of committed participants, and I can’t wait to be there, guiding and supporting you in every way as you get to experience it for the first time!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In My
7-Week Interactive Online Course:

Week 1:Activating the Hidden Key of

  • Discover how to use“feelingizations” to magnetize your soulmate
  • Learn how to apply a step-by-step process for creating clarity, anticipation and a powerful intention around what I call Big Love
  • Open up to new possibilities of what a loving partnership can be in your life
  • Discover a unique way to use manifestation techniques to make the impossible possible
  • Develop an understanding of the role of fate, destiny, and divine timing in your love life

Week 2:Breakthrough Techniques
to Release the Past

  • Discover the 3 most powerful ways to unhook the past by cutting the energetic cords that bind you
  • Learn an effective way to release yourself from old lovers forever—the“Love Pain Detox Plan”
  • Engage a simple process to finally forgive yourself and those who have “done you wrong”
  • Establish your own unique step-by-step ways to create a welcoming “soul space” for new love

Week 3:Connecting to the Wisdom
of Your Higher Self

  • Discover the three-step process to transform all negative beliefs intopositive realities
  • Overcome any road block on your path to Big Love utilizing a unique formula for overcoming obstacles
  • Discover how to “write” your own personal story of love (of course you can give it a happy ending!)
  • Develop a relationship with your higher self that will magnetize your soulmate to you

Week 4:Invoking the Partnership Energy
of the Divine

Week 6
  • Discover how recognizing and honoring the soulmates you already have actually raises your love vibration
  • Clarify the traits and qualities you really want in a soulmate—and create a Soulmate Wish List (and I don’t mean height, weight, eye color or income!)
  • Design your own powerful, personal ritual for surrendering your list to the Universe
  • Discover the co-creative energy that lives in you and partners with the Divine energy of the Universe to bring into your life whatever you most focus on, whatever you truly desire

Week 5:Feng Shui, Rituals & Creating
Your Love Altar

  • Discover how to raise the vibration of love within you through practicing powerful self-love rituals and techniques
  • Explore all the fun and important ways you can “feather your nest” and energetically prepare your hometo be a setting for the beginning of the extraordinary relationship ahead of you
  • Come to a deep realization about the actions you must take to be fully loved, cherished and adored
  • Discover how to generate love before first sight!

Week 6:Raising Your “Love Vibration”

week 6
  • Discover the 5 ways to be continuously available to meet your soulmate
  • Learn important techniques to see clearly the difference between your intuition and mere wishful thinking
  • Develop and trust your intuition to guide you toward love and repel those who can’t give you the love you deserve
  • Discover the 3 signs that will let you know you are truly with your soulmate

Week 7:Magnetize Your Soulmate
by Being Love Now

  • Discover the profound power of gratitude, and how it can quicken your path to manifesting true love
  • Awaken to the joy of savoring the wait now that you know your soulmate is coming
  • Experience deeply in your present awareness what it feels like to be in the arms of your soulmate
  • Discover how to radiate and embody the love, satisfaction and contentment you seek, causing the flourishing of your life so that your soulmate quickly recognizes you as their one true love, too!


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