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Soulmates and Karmic Connections

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How do we know the difference?

I have been journaling my own experience with Soulmates and Karmic Connections along with what you know about Twinflames if you followed my Blog. I really think it can be really tricky to differentiate at times but there are some distinct differences to me that I am finding so far.

Keep in mind that the attraction felt in the beginning for both Soulmate and Karmic Connection is very strong. This helps bring the two toward their call to carry out this mission with the other person. First, If you are facing a Karmic Connection you are going to, more times than not, feel it's a love/hate relationship. Maybe you feel that you love the other more than they love you, that the relationship is not reciprocated in the same way. Typically the person who doesn't seem to care or love comparitively is the one with the largest lessons.

There are also times that you will
meet someone and feel this hate for them even though you don't know them. Also, if you do attempt to form some type of relationshp or you can't avoid some form of contact (aunt, cousin, in law, coworker, etc) then you will notice that your relationship is very rocky. There is a significant "connection" that keeps you coming back but you can't figure out what it is. Imagine a long string with a dog tied to one end and a cat to the other. ;) Perhaps you both keep meeting, putting out fires and lighting new ones. This will continue until the karmic lesson/experience is fulfilled or the two part ways.

If you are seeking a romantic relationship with someone who seems to be playing "hard to get" or it feels like you are fighting to stay together. Consider breaking ties with them in the most loving way possible. A healing may be needed here. Send light and love to them and all involved and cut those psychic strings!
Why are Soulmate Encounters Different?

Soulmate encounters have a very strong attraction/connection factor. You feel you just "click" with someone instantly, romantically or not. If it is romantically there is an immediate comfortable feeling and security. You just fall in together beautifully. There is more of a sense of attraction/connection than actual "knowing". If you are thinking of Twinflames, remember Twinflames have the "mirror" factor (lots of synchronicities and mirrored personality/character), an intense connection and an immediate, innate "knowing" that the connection goes well beyond this life and time as we know it.

There will be lessons/challenges involved with a Soulmates,  as Soulmates are also Karmic Relationships but Karmic Relationships aren't always Soulmates.. They bring a part of you that you need to acknowledge and deal with. There are some relationships where this happens and they live happily ever after and others where the other partner refuses to acknowledge what needs to be addressed and chooses to walk away. Soulmate relationships bring love to one another in areas that need to be loved for each person. They are still helping you to grow. I heard a song once and it said "I will love you until you learn to love yourself". I think that sums up a Soulmate.

Soulmate encounters, and Karmic, are usually planned before incarnating but as with everything in our life, it can be "written" in as we go. This means, if you walked away from one  planned Soulmate or Karmic Relationship that the universe may supply you with an equal experience to fullfil that lesson. I believe also that you can have a Karmic Connection cross your path that may not be planned. This is usually someone you just run into by chance that gives you the feeling you know them but don't like them as mentioned previously.

***All Karmic Relationships should be met with unconditional love. This, however, does not mean that one should remain in relationships that are abusive.  Sometimes the lesson is to have enough love and respect for ourselves to know when to "fold em". All good relationships start with the unconditional LOVE AND RESPECT for self***

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