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Attracting Love – Soul Mates and Life Partner

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There is something wonderful about sharing life’s journey with someone you love.  I can say that from experience, having happily celebrated my twelfth wedding anniversary yesterday. A life partner, a soul mate, a companion, lover, friend – for many of us it is one of life’s greatest gifts and pleasures.
But what do you do when you haven’t found them yet?  When you are lonely and looking and wondering if there’s anyone out there who can truly  love you for who you are, and whom you can love deeply in return…
The following formula has worked for me, and many of my friends and clients.  I trust that it can also work for you.  So read on!

Knowing what you want

The Universe works like a giant restaurant.  It will only deliver you what you order.  If you keep changing your mind, it makes it hard for those hard-working kitchen angels to create the right ‘dish’ and deliver it speedily to you.  Mixed messages are confusing for everyone, and will ultimately frustrate you in your attempts to find true love.
Most people spend more time choosing a car than they do choosing a life partner.  How often do people fall into a relationship and then try and make it over into the one they want?  We throw so much time and energy and money into trying to make square pegs fit into round holes.  Often years of our lives are spent fighting battles we were never meant to win.  Sound familiar?
Discernment is the key to successful relationships, and discernment must ALWAYS start with awareness.  Are you aware of what you want in a relationship?  For many people, their clearest opinions and decisions start out being based around what they DON’T want.  This is as good a place to start as any, as long as you are able to then turn each negative into a positive.  “I don’t want a partner who will cheat on me” becomes, “I deserve a partner who will be faithful and loyal to our relationship.”  Look to the good and unsuccessful relationships around you to guide you in making your love choices.
Journalling:  Take time to really think about the sort of partner and the type of relationship you are looking for.  As you become clearer about what you want, begin by writing the qualities and characteristics of this relationship down.  Create a “Love Shopping List”, and add to it as your awareness increases.  Take your time with this.  Do you rush into buying a house, or choosing an expensive once-in-a-lifetime holiday?  Make your list comfortable, accurate and reflective of your innermost desires.
If you meet someone who clearly does not fit what you ordered, then wait!  Maybe the Universal Chef is still cooking your meal.  (And of course they may wonderfully surpass all of your expectations!)


I have used this method myself, and so have many of my friends and clients.  This activity involves letting the Universe know exactly what you are wanting in a love relationship so that it can deliver this to you.  In every single case that I am aware of it has been successful!  I also know of people who have refreshed and revived existing relationships using the same technique.
When you have compiled your list of characteristics and qualities for your desired partner (from the journalling activity before this one), review them until you are satisfied with your choices.
Take a clean white sheet of paper and then write the following:
“I, (Insert your name), now chose the following in my life partner:”
Now write down your list.  Finish the work by writing, “I now accept this or better in my life”.  Sign the work and set it to one side.
Take a second piece of paper.  On this piece write down all of the qualities and characteristics within YOU that you can offer a loving partner.  Be honest and humble.  Sign it with, “I offer this and better to my life partner”.  This part is important because the Universe is governed by laws of energetic exchange – you don’t get anything for nothing!
Now fold both pieces of paper and seal them in an envelope.  In your mind’s eye, imagine these pieces of paper and surround them with a pink bubble of Light.  Send them to Spirit, and whenever you think to in the future, send more pink Light to them.
Put the envelope somewhere safe, and place your expectations to one side.  Be open to what comes to you.  Spirit always surprises us with more good than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

This five minute meditation will help you to consciously connect into the energy of your Soul Mate.  It works on opening your heart chakra, allowing you to radiate love into the world.
This is lovely, and describes this process perfectly.  It will also help YOU get into that wonderful ‘attracting’ vibration of joy and anticipation…

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