Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alexander the Great

Over the centuries, soldiers had been dying in wars away from their homes. At first it was Gold then it became dollars and still we are killing each other for property, money, power, position and nations. How much more soldiers meet to sacrifice over political issues of borders and supremacy. When we will learn from our mistakes. When we will learn why History subject is taught to us in schools. When will we understand that love is above all?

It is said about Alexander the Great that the day he became the world conqueror, he closed the doors of his room and started weeping. His generals were very disturbed:

What had happened? They had never seen Alexander weeping. He was not that type of man; he was a great warrior. They had seen him in great difficulties, in situations where life was very much in danger, where death was very imminent, and they had not seen even a tear coming out of his eyes. They had never seen him in desperate, hopeless moment. What has happened to him now….when he has succeeded, when he is the world conqueror?

They knocked the door, they went in, and asked, “What has happened to you? Why are you crying like a child?”

Alexander said, “Now that I have succeeded, I know it has been a failure. Now I know that I stand exactly at the same place as I used to be when I started this nonsense of conquering the world. And the point has become clear to me now because there is no other world to conquer; otherwise, I could have remained on the journey, I could have started conquering another world. Now there is no other world to conquer, now there is nothing else to do – and suddenly I am thrown to myself.”

Instead of conquering the outer world we should focus on conquering our inner world. The heaven lies in our heart. Heaven is no other geographical place, it is our heart filled with pure love.

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