Monday, December 17, 2012

Find Your Happiness

GOING WITH THE FLOW MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPY. And you cannot allow happiness. Happiness has become associated’ with guilt. Go back,  to your childhood – you will find causes there. Just remember, go backwards; try to find out when it happened.
A small child knows nothing of guilt; he is wild and primitive. That’s why to see a small child is such a joy. He is as yet uncrippled, he is as yet uncivilized. He has not been introduced to the disease called civilization – that’s why he has so much energy, so much flow. The child is streaming, vibrating; he is a great dynamo; he is all dance. He cannot contain himself – he has so much that he is overflowing.
You cannot make a child sit silently. Why? Because the energy is so much, uncontainable.
The child wants to enjoy everything, and the parents are guilt-ridden. The child wants to shout
and he enjoys shouting; that is his expression, that is his creativity. That shout, if helped and not
destroyed, will become his song – that is the beginning of the song. But we stop him. We say, ”Don’t shout! This is ugly, this is bad, this is unmannerly. This is not done in the society. You belong to a famous family, you belong to a great, respectable family – you should not do this. This is okay for the urchins, but not for you. You represent us: look how serious we are. We never shout – and you are shouting?”
And the child was enjoying the shouting so much. In fact, when you stop him shouting you have
condemned his joy – that’s what he will understand deep down, existentially. What will happen to him? He cannot understand why shouting is wrong; he has as yet no mind to understand that kind of rubbishness. He was enjoying – that he understands; that shouting brings such joy, such flow. He feels so high, he feels so turned on. Just by shouting, his energy starts moving, he becomes a riverlike flow, he becomes a roaring phenomenon, a tidal wave.
Now you say, ”Don’t shout – this is bad.” What are you saying actually? How will the child translate it? The child will think, ”My joy is not accepted.” The child does not want to go to sleep; he is feeling so alive and you force him and you drag him to the bed. He is trying to get away from you and he is saying, ”I am NOT feeling like sleep. I DON’T want to go to sleep. I want to play a little more!” But you don’t listen. You say, ”It is time and you have to go to sleep.”
Now what are you doing to the child? You are rejecting – you are rejecting his instinctive
understandings. He does not feel like going to sleep right now – how can he be made to sleep?
There is no way! You can force him; he will lie there underneath the blanket and will weep and cry and will feel rejected, will feel unaccepted by the family, will feel guilty about why he cannot go to sleep when the mother wants him to. Now, what can he do? The sleep is not coming. And in the morning when he is feeling sleepy, you drag him out and you say, ”Get out! It is time to get up.” And he wants to sleep a little more.
Now you interfere – wherever he feels joy, you interfere. Naturally, you make him feel again and
again that his joy is wrong. That gets deep into your bloodstream. That’s what has happened to you, . So whenever you are going with the flow it means something is wrong. You are feeling happy? you immediately hear
your mother’s voice: ”, what are you doing? Feeling happy? Betraying me? Betraying your
dad, betraying your family? Look how serious we are – and is it good to betray your mother? Look at what long faces we have – and what are you doing? flowing with the flow? going with the flow? Never has it happened in our family! And it should not happen. ”
You start feeling guilty. Just watch when you start feeling guilty, listen silently... you will find your
parental voices, your mother, your father, your teacher, saying, ”This is not right.”
While you make love to a man, you will feel guilty, because your mother has told you that this is
wrong, this is the greatest sin. When you start making love to a man, something in you feels it is not right – -the mother is standing there, the father is standing there, and it looks so embarrassing with the parents standing... and you are making love to a man?! What are you doing? Stop it! You may not stop, but you will not go totally into it – which is far worse than stopping. It is better to stop! You cannot stop either, because then your whole nature feels discontented. And you cannot go totally in it because your mind says this is wrong. So you go half-heartedly, half way, and you exist in a limbo.
You never go to the totality of it – SO YOU NEVER FEEL SATISFIED. Out of it you only gather more frustration; you again find you have failed once more, that’s all. It has not happened this time again. And you start wondering whether this orgasm is just an invention, whether some masochistic people have invented it, or some sadistic people have invented it, just to make people feel tortured – because it is not happening to me!
You will be surprised: this is the first century after at least five thousand years that a few women
are feeling orgasm. For five thousand years, women have NOT felt orgasm. That too is happening only in the Western hemisphere. I have not come across a single Indian woman who feels orgasm – she has not even heard about the word. In Indian languages we don’t have any word for orgasm – because the thing has not existed so the word was never needed. Even in the West, only ten, twelve percent of women are feeling orgasm. This is ugly! and what to say about men? Do you think men feel orgasm? Ejaculation is not orgasm. Orgasm
is a very very different phenomenon. So man can deceive himself easily because he can feel
ejaculation, so he thinks he has orgasm – that is not so. Ejaculation is a very local phenomenon,
Orgasm is ecstasy. Orgasm is getting lost into timelessness. Orgasm is when your whole body
vibrates with some unknown energy that you have never come across. Orgasm is when you are
very close to God. The word orgasm comes from ORGIA – it was a religious ceremony, a pagan ceremony, when people became ecstatic, so ecstatic, that their whole body was full of divine energy, and they were bursting with energy, and they were lost in that energy – that was called ORGIA. It was a religious pagan ceremony; it was something like Tantra. It was Dionysian. The word ’orgasm’ comes from that ceremony. Men also rarely feel it. When your whole body throbs, not only your sexual organ but your whole body throbs, from toe to head you become a sexual orgasm, you become a sexual organ.... That is the symbol of Shiva; you must have seen in India the Shiva-linga. You may sometimes be wondering, ”Where are the eyes and where is the nose and where is the mouth and where are the legs? And what kind of image is this?”
This is the symbol of orgasm: when the whole body turns into a sexual organ. From eyes, mouth, body, mind – all disappear into sexuality, into sensuality, into a kind of immense sensitivity. That is the meaning of Shiva-linga. Orgasm has become impossible because you cannot go totally with the flow. And with orgasm becoming impossible, a thousand and one diseases have become prevalent in man. Wilhelm Reich is right that if we can bring orgasm back to humanity, almost ninety percent of mental diseases will IMMEDIATELY disappear – like dewdrops in the morning when the sun comes.
Ninety percent of mental diseases exist because man has forgotten how to be rejuvenated with
God, how to fall into divine energy, and come back again resurrected. Those blocked energies are creating problems. But now... first the priest created the guilt, now the psychoanalyst is against Wilhelm Reich – because, the psychoanalyst, where will he go if ninety percent of mental diseases disappear? If Reich is right, then what about the Freudians and the Adlerians and the Jungians and others – what will happen to them? Reich was condemned as mad, was forced into imprisonment – and he was one of the greatest geniuses of this age, who had a real insight. But this is what we always do: we crucify! He died condemned as a madman in a prison.
Man has not changed much Two thousand years have passed, but we go on doing the same as
w e did with Jesus. Now, this man was releasing a very very significant truth – that man’s mental illnesses will continue and will go on becoming bigger and bigger, and soon it will be impossible to treat man. Out of four, three persons are already abnormal, and the fourth is just on the way, any moment.... This is not a good situation!
Reich is right that something has to be done. First the priest was involved, now the modern priest is the psychoanalyst. First the priest had the investment in making people feel guilty; he created guilt. Because of guilt, he stopped people’s being orgasmic. And now the psychoanalyst is enjoying the results – his profession is flourishing like anything. His is the most needed profession, and the most respected.
Physicians are no more needed as much as the psychoanalyst is needed, because the body is
getting better and better every day and mind is getting worse and worse every day. Guilt has created human pathology. In the future, the priest is not needed, neither is the psychoanalyst needed. Both those professions are anti-human; they should go. But they can go only if man is freed of guilt, otherwise they cannot go.
So, , even if you feel guilty, go with the flow. Ignore the guilt. Let the guilt be there; in spite of
it, go with the flow! The more you go with the flow, the more you will become able to catch yourself and avoid getting caught into the trap of guilt you will be able to catch yourself in time. You will be able to slip out of that guilt prison.
One has to get out of it, otherwise life will be a long, sad, meaningless anguish

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